My Blanken World

My world of boys, textiles and moving.

Shhh – I’m hiding from my work October 19, 2010

Just let me know if my newly acquired southern drawl get’s to thick making it difficult for you to understand me –

On occasion I have a piece that I’m working on that I absolutely, procrastinate doing.  I don’t know why?  It’s usually not something all that difficult or even boring.  For some random, oddball reason, I avoid it like the plague.

The item in question at this time, is a beautiful, very expensive jacket that I’m shortening the sleeves on, with  wonderful bound buttonholes.  I love the jacket and if I were still in the same town, would love to see the woman in it.  I’ll be shipping it back to her, along with a shirt I put buttonholes in, when I finally get out of this funk.


Maybe part of it is the fact that I have to do this by hand, which I usually love, but I guess being forced into it by my lack of an automated machine is deterring me.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my treadle.  Brutus does amazing things, I seriously think he could sew through wood.  I love him for a multitude of reason, if not just for having always wanted one.  But sometimes you just want to zig-zag or push a button and have buttonholes done, or just not get a work out while you sew.  I’m still in limbo with the shipping company and my wonderful, ever so patient, repair shop back home, while they determine who’s paying for what after the shipping company dropped my machine while it was making its way back to me. *sniffle*


So instead, I’ve worked on a pair of  long socks and with the left over yarn, I am now making a great slouchy hat.  Which is silly since everyone knows I don’t look good in hats, but I do love the looks of them.  Besides, what else am I going to do with left over sock yarn?  I have also become chauffeur to my first-born while he looks and applies for a new job.  His hair is currently a shade of orange for the upcoming fall season and he’s having to find places that don’t see this as an issue.  After all – a man’s got to look good you know!  I’ve also resurfaced our dinner table.  Taking more than a week to sand and stain it has proven an excellent distraction.

Of course, my fourth born was kind enough to hand me a great excuse when he was jumping on his bed last week, breaking it and then pretending it hadn’t happened.  Did he not think I would EVER go into his room? 

And of course, this would also prove to be the perfect time to start-up my blog .  Oh the ends I will go to when I’ve set my mind to it, or  avoiding it.  Is that the garage I hear calling…

On other news, we are currently housing a Venus Fly Trap.  Which is good for a house full of boys – they get to kill, with a grand purpose!  Unfortunately for our poor teeny-tiny trap, it’s just not capable of downing the amount of material my generous boys want to bestow upon this minute beast.  The store has two other kinds, that I think we may have to bring home to help with their generosity and quench their inner hunter. 

Kitty has decided on a new watering hole and was quite confused when I used it today in a most undesirable fashion.  But once flushed she wasn’t so upset with me anymore.

I have noticed a trend since we’ve began moving around again, that the first year of every move, I put on around 15 or so pounds.  Call it boredom, call it comfort eating, call it another 15 pounds!  After the first year, it always goes away again.  My problem this year, is that we’ll be here for less than a year!  So what does that mean for my growing posterior?  I don’t know, I’ll just put it behind me.  *snicker*


Any thoughts?

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