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An unproductive Wednesday October 20, 2010

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My days are normally filled with schoolwork, sewing, knitting and maybe some housework.  But on Wednesday’s, Wednesday’s of course there’s knitting!  It’s my knit night with the Tipsy Knitters in NJ, after all; or at least it was while we were stationed there.  A night when we meander to our local restaurant Chilango’s and join our fellow knitters (well, most of them knit anyway).   We have a few drinks, knit a few rows and laugh until it hurts.  Most nights are low-key, while other nights were hysterical.  A few nights spawned grand idea’s, some were even carried out.   You can solve your problems, have a laugh, a cry, share your current problems or a round of shots for an accomplishment.  Everyone should have a group like this – even if it doesn’t include pointy sticks.

So what do I do with my Wednesday nights now?  Sadly enough I sit and knit by myself next to my phone, txting them on occasion.  I suppose I could be less pathetic, lonely and heartbroken, going out and rounding up some local knitters, dragging them to a local restaurant (of my choice, of course).  But instead I’ve chosen to take the pitiful, poor-me route instead.  You know, the high road!

So, you’re wondering now, what this has to do with my Wednesday being so unproductive?  Well, nothing really, other than the four baskets full of laundry sitting at the edge of my bed, keeping my poor hubby from his long-awaited pillow?  And instead of making my way back, to tend to this ever-growing pile, what do I choose to do, I knit.  This just happens to be one of those weeks where I just can’t get motivated to do much of anything, anything productive at least.  My hat is coming along nicely, the jacket has been moved several times around my “sewing room” and I’ve checked the fridge several times to make sure nothing new has appeared.  Ok, I’ll admit I got a few more buttonholes put in last night and some bills paid, transferred money between accounts hoping that will magically make the money double.  But is my garage organized like I want it?  Is my filing cabinet neatly put into it’s order?  Is my carpet vacuumed – NO!  But I must say my farm is looking quite nice today.

As for my current knitting projet, so far it’s looking a bit more like the worlds largest sock than a hat?  It’s a bit boring, but it’s easy to do between math and english, handwriting and Spanish, dishes and dinner. 

It may be not be Chilango’s, my ladies may not be right next to me to make me laugh until I hurt, but I’ve got some Alfred Hitchcock waiting for me and a giant sock that wants to be finished. 

So please excuse me, since this is my Knit Night – I hear a glass of boxed wine calling me…


Any thoughts?

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