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A very veggie day October 21, 2010

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Come about this afternoon, I decided it was time to move and be more productive than just paying bill.  Which also means the boys will no longer sit and do their school work, because as we all know, “What mom does, so do we”.  Which means, the moment I start moving, school work will no longer happen.  It also means that if I go outside, so do the boys and if I sit to eat, so do the boys, usually mine.

I decided it was time to make my salsa, since the ingredients had been in there since last Saturday and weren’t looking any prettier by now.  I procure all my usual gear: gloves, knife, cutting board, and all the necessities that go with my task at hand.  Jalapeno – hence the gloves, go in first so I can get it out-of-the-way and then the onions.  Now, I know I can’t be the only person that can’t even be in the same house as onions while their being cut.  My customary sniffling, kleenex hunting and trips to the window always follow and my boys giggling and making wise cracks because ‘mom is crying again’.  As I’m going through this sick tradition, it occurs to me that if I’m standing at the window to get the fresh air, why don’t I just make it in the fresh air?  *Insert light bulb here*

So the boys and I haul all my said gear out back to the table.  Three of the boys and the girls all joined me in the back to make my spicy concoction.  The first-born naturally assuming that we’re all nuts and is still giggling at mom’s still teary eyes. 

Looks good doesn’t it!  There’s a nice farmers market about 30 minutes away that serves up some yummy southern treats and the usual farmers fair, along with their southern drawls and “Ma’am’s”.

It was a great experience.  The cool, southern, fall air.  The marine jets flying overhead and the boys playing Bionicles, soccer and who can ram who’s head into the grass the hardest. *sigh*

Yes, that IS G.I. Joe's head

 What better way to make anything then with little boy toes nearby.  Ok, they weren’t near by through the whole process, between safety and *Ew – gross*, his toes only appeared when the salsa was ready to be eaten.  Funny how that always happens?

After a few hours of basking in what I think is a nifty new concept in cooking, or at least preparing , I decide it was time to get over myself and make dinner.  I won’t go into my poor excuse of a dinner, other than it was a failure, as are most of my dinners.  But all were fed and all were happy – for it to be over.

That’s when the second-born asked if we could make the Spaghetti squash we bought last Saturday.  After rockin’ dinner so well, I wasn’t sure this was such a great idea.  But after a few minutes of begging and pleading and hey, who can’t resist a kid begging for a veggie, I gave in.

- I have been informed by the youngest that it looks better in person -

Success!  3 out of the 4 little boys liked it and the big boy said “Eh”.  That’s man speak for, “It’s food, what else do you want me to say?”  So, the boys are asking for it again next week.  WooHoo!

 My knitting was productive, but as I was working on it I realized I’m going to come up short.  So here’s my dilemma; by more yarn to finish the project off, finish it short or frog it and turn it into a skinny scarf (I do love the little tiny scarves)?  So it’s been put in time out for a while. 

  We will be headed to “the big city” soon, so I could pick up more, but the whole idea was to finish it off.  But really, who couldn’t use more yarn!

I’ll be working on more buttonholes tonight.  I’m hoping to wake up and the buttonhole fairy will have visited.    A girl can hope can’t she!

The hubby may be gone for the weekend for on-call duty.  That should be thrilling for him.  His usual days consist of  marine recruits that promptly fall asleep in the chair, which will most likely be the only real sleep they get for several weeks and recruits that are too afraid to open their mouths.  So while he’s off waking recruits or convincing them that “it won’t hurt”, I’ll be at home with the boys, without any school work to do or hubby to watch us.   I’m wondering what sort of trouble we can get into while he’s gone.  Hmmm-


Any thoughts?

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