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Wine, Women and Song October 22, 2010

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It wasn’t a much of a day to speak of.  No knitting, some vacuuming and a little fridge cleaning.  Nothing exciting; grocery shopping if you want to count that.  A few calls to the vet and credit card company and this strange phenomenon, that occurs nearly everyday, these things called “bills” that show up to my mail box?  I keep trying to discourage them, but they just won’t listen!

It amazes me how one company can be so oblivious to a basic military need and another goes WAY overboard.  While trying to get the address to send our POA (Power of Attorney) to the cc company,  they decided that we must be asking for a SCRA (Servicemembers Civil Relief Act, which says our rate can’t go over 6%).  And every time I tried to explain to them that I just needed to send a POA, they would respond with another message of “We understand that you are trying get a SCRA and are not getting the help you need, please follow these instructions…”  Ahhh!  So frustrating!  So I finally gave up and just called them.  That solved the issue, I think?  In between all this, I did find out that I’m able to make all the necessary adjustments and fix all the issues that are needed if something arises while the hubby is gone.  This is a stark contrast to another cc company we have that demands we send in the POA for me to do anything.  I understand that they do this for security reasons, but I’m on the acct?  Do they want me to make a ship to shore call so they can verify a strange charge?  I don’t think so! 

Few!  Glad that’s over.

Oly Monster

The vet calls weren’t provoking either.  Making an appt, letting the vet know that The Oly Monster is doing well on her meds, as you can see…

Viola "Kitty"

An updating them on the mysterious potty-mouthed kitty, who will be going in for blood work next week.  She’s around 15 almost 16 now, so she’s getting to that age where problems start arising.  But, for a cat that’s survived sub-zero temps, took a spin in the dryer twice, in one case for 30 minutes and once had an adventure in a grocery store for a week, she’s doing pretty well I’d say! Even tolerating us through moves and bringing home a mastiff; yup, can’t complain about a few vet bills towards the end.   


The old lady dog, Josie will be going in for her appt in about a week and at 14, they are no longer giving her all her tests and shots.  For a 60# dog to be doing as well as she is at this age, we’re just happy she wakes up every morning.  She’s somewhat blind, pretty deaf and a little incontinent; she “purr’s” when she sleeps and “quacks” when she’s awake and crackles when she does both.  She’s becoming lumpy and bumpy and we have to check to make sure she’s breathing every-so-often.  We’re pretty sure she won’t be making it for her next rabies shot in three years *sniffle*  But – we won’t think of that now…

We go shopping once a week now, instead of our usual once a month trip to Costco *My Favorite*.  But instead, while were adventuring in the south we get to grace WallyWorld once a week – yay; I just know one of these times I’m going to end up on POW!  The hubby and I make it a date night, now that the first-born is old enough to watch his brothers, making the best of our new situation.  Tonight we went to a fast food joint and actually sat, and talked, and acted like we were newly weds; it’s nice to see each other like that again on occasion.  The shopping trip came out to be a bit more expensive than we had intended (when did WallyWorld get so expensive?), granted we bought laundry detergent, softener and some deoderant for all 4 of our fresh smelling boys (those alone were $12!), we want to be known for many things, but stink is not one of them.  I had also bought wine and was feeling a bit conscience-smitten over this.  My dear, wonderful hubby explained, “In life you need, Wine, Women and Song.  We have wine (boxed), we have woman (me) and song ( the radio in the car).  We have it all!”  Ah, thanks hubby – you always know what to say.  What else can a girl ask the Lord for than that, and then to come home to my handsome boys!

This is a good start to the weekend.  Tomorrow we venture to the farmers market, providing I turn left instead of right.  Maybe a trip to the second-born’s store and Lowe’s if I’m feeling generous, HA!