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Farmers Market and the Dead October 23, 2010

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Ominous sounding isn’t it!

We started off the day very well, I even woke up a little earlier than my usual for a Saturday.  On weekends I usually try to sleep in until the bed almost hurts, but today, because the hubby had to wake up early for on call duty, the bed seemed a little lonely.  So up I went and into the shower, which is when he got home.  3 hours of duty, tough day – *wink* but I was very glad to have him home.  Off we went to the Farmers Market, it was smaller than usual.  Not as many of our favorite stands there.  The jam stand was gone, as was the squash lady.  The second-born was bummed over that.  However the third-born got his yam, which he’s been wanting to try, we bought one – *bleck*!  We still got our boiled peanuts and lemonades.  Our usual fruits and veggies, but it definitely felt different.  I hope they’ll be back next week.

We did stop off on the way home at the opening of our neighborhood.  I have discovered grave stones there – *FREAKY*!  All I want to know is, whether or not the houses were built over more of them?  We looked at all the headstones and markers, they date from 1972 – 2008…. they started building this neighborhood in 2006?  The boys had a good time exploring though.  I think I need to talk to the realtor however.

We didn’t go to the second-born’s store or Lowe’s for the other bug-eating plants, I guess I wasn’t feeling nice.  Actually, I was feeling very anxious all day.  I couldn’t sit still, couldn’t figure out what I wanted to do, couldn’t even take a nap.  I hate that feeling.  So I ended up doing nothing.  Ok – not nothing, the boys and I took a walk with the girls and I got a few more inches done on my hat-turned-scarf.

It’s this whole owning a spare house issue.  On one hand I should feel blessed that we’ve got a “spare” house, but on the other hand, we can’t afford it.  There are plenty of military folks in our position, we just don’t know any of them.  All the other dentist’s we graduated with aren’t in the same position.  They’re asking us to go out and do things with them and we have to pass, so we can afford to feed the boys.  This just isn’t the way I pictured it would be, after the hubby graduated.

That being said, my prayer time as been much more productive.  I love giving praises when it’s all well and dandy, but I tend to forget to pray when things get tough.  Everything will be alright, I have everything I need and more, I mean after all, I have a “spare” house.

I decided it was time to go for a walk after I had laid down twice in 30 minutes to try to take a nap and ended up pacing instead.  During that time, the boys we’re running like crazy monkeys through the house.  Doors rattling, windows shaking, feet pounding – “OK, let’s go for a walk boys!”  It was a great day for a walk, it’s still warm out in the south.  The boys had a great time running and chasing each other.  The girls had a great time as usual, and we even managed to get the first-born out!

We’re finishing our day off with yet another viewing of the new Willy Wonka, it’s nice to sit down with all the boys in the quiet, just enjoying them.  If I’m lucky, the hubby will remember that we have a movie for ourselves.

Until he remember’s I’ll be working on buttonholes in an attempt to get this jacket out by this week.  Then I can start on something for myself.  Hopefully my machine will show up, or I’ll be stitching on Brutus.  I’ve been wanting to make a pant suite from this great fabric I bought before we moved.  I’ll start going through my patterns to pick out the perfect one.

Hmmm – no pictures today?  That kind of day I guess.


Any thoughts?

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