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Still churchless October 24, 2010

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It occurred to me this morning that we’re still church less.  Granted, we’ve gone 3 years without a church up north, but that’s for various, pathetic reasons, all of which I’m to ashamed to list.  So, even though we’ll only be here until June, I want us to get to church.  I’m just a little nervous about a southern church, not to mention a southern church in a little town where everyone has known each other since their great-grandpappy’s were born.  Enter new comers… Yeah, we’re in a mil town and they MAY be used to it.  Yeah, it’s a church and their “always” welcoming, but really, it’s like your fresh blood when you walk into a small, new (to you) church.  It’s like a fly to honey; a booger to a finger; stink on….. ok I think you get my point.  So my thought this morning was, why not go to the base church.  They ARE used to the new people, they could really care less.  And they’re people from all over so no one has been here for very long and they are so used to new people coming in, no one will hardly even pay attention.  Awesome!  I think we’re on to something here. 

Darn it!  That means no more sleeping in on Sunday.  Hmm – I wonder if they have a Saturday night service?

Sunday’s are always productive in our house.  It’s chore day, so other than the floors getting vacuumed (I like to do that on Monday for some reason), the house is clean.  The boys have decided that they like the little house more.  Cleaning went from hours to less than an hour.  Mom likes the smaller house too, for that very same reason.  We went from a three-story, 4 bed/1 bath (yes, those still exist) to a one story (which is smaller than one floor at our last house) 3 bed/2 bath.  I’ll trade the size for my own bathroom any day!  We do however get a garage here – NICE!


I worked a little on my knitting.  My hat-turned-scarf is going to be cute, but a little scratchy I think?  I have a few other projects I’m waiting to work on, but I’m not sure I have the time before we move again.  They may just stay in the giant yarn bag for the next move too.  Imagine my movers face when I had to list the bag in the valuables section of the insurance list as over $600 in yarn!  No one panic, it’s several skeins of yarn, but it’s all my really good stuff.  The stuff from Ireland, the fancy lace yarn, various other’s that were just to nice to put in a box.  Of course, this was the same mover who didn’t know what a desk top was.

Tan w/navy blue pinstripes


I mentioned before that I wanted to use some fabric  that I bought before the move for a pant suite.  I haven’t picked out the pattern yet, but this is the fabric.  It’s got the perfect drape to it to feel just wonderful, it’s more for colder weather though.  Unfortunately, as a SAHM, I have absolutely nowhere to wear it too.  So it will look very nice in my closet.  There are only so many stay-at-home clothes you can make.  As soon as I get this *blasted* jacket out of here, I can start on it.  MUST-GET-JACKET-OUT!

The wonderful woman whose jacket I’m working on, pay’s me in her out of season clothes and shoes, some which have never been worn (I think I get the better deal on this one!).  She’s the same size as me and likes very nice clothes.  The point to all this is, one of the shirts she gave me I loved, except the color.  Baby poop yellow is the best I could do to describe it to you.  So, with my infinite creativeness, I decided to remove the color.  I have another shirt that was stained by Papa John’s garlic sauce (I wouldn’t eat that stuff if I were you, it didn’t leave a grease stain, it bleached it?) so I needed to remove the color from that shirt too.  My first thought was to make it a white shirt if possible and just change out the buttons and zipper, but as it started fading I decided I liked the bright pale yellow that was developing.  So I now have a new, bright yellow shirt. 

I spared you the before picture, it wasn’t pretty!  I have another knit top from her that I love, except the vomit green straps.  So I’m going to take the straps off and either redye them a new shade or replace them.  I’ll decide when I get there.

It was an absolute beautiful day out.  Perfect temp, a slight breeze, a few clouds.  The boys went fishing with the boy next door.  They had a great time, as usual.  Didn’t catch much though.  They also found out that the gravestones and markers are from the plantation workers who used to work on the field we now live on top of.  The newest “guest” is one of their relatives.  Still not sure how I feel about that one?

I saw the sunset tonight and had to take a pic, it was so wonderful!  The pic’s don’t do it justice, however.  I took two within seconds of each other and they turned out completely different?






 So strange?








We had our favorite Sunday dinner, breakfast.  I’d show pic’s but I didn’t want to give anyone a heart attack just looking at the meal.  Our usual waffles, and we added banana waffles.  Eggs, bacon and sausage.  To round it out, some people put ketchup on their eggs and jam on their waffles.  You have to have a complete meal after all, HA!

So off I go, to finish button holes, so I can make myself something fancy!


2 Responses to “Still churchless”

  1. Amanda Burrow Says:

    I love the pictures..don’t stress to much about the Church home. It will come to you I promise. I liked going on base when I was a kid because it usually meant most of the other kids were in the same boat as me…new! So it was a shared experience. l love the blog! -Amanda

    • blankenmom Says:

      Thanks! And yeah, that was my thought about the church, we won’t stick out so much and the boys will meet kids that are like them. Well, more like them. 😉

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