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Swim away from lightning October 25, 2010

It’s been a watery sort of day.  Between the humidity of last night and this morning, the swimming lessons this afternoon and the pouring down rain of this evening.  The rain is what I had hoped would break the humidity, but NO, it just makes it worse.

This morning I woke and my sheets, which were newly washed (I love clean sheet day) were sticking to me.  Not the best way to wake up, but the boys were already doing their schoolwork, so I can’t complain.  Until I got the joy of listening to four little and not so little boys complain to me about their impending swim lessons that I’m *making* them take.  Hey, I was nice enough to put them in private lessons until they caught up with their cohorts, what else do they want?  We had to leave by 2:30 and the same boys who didn’t want to go, had their swimshorts on by noon, the only exception being the first-born, who was still growling at me for ruining his life.  Well, at least I’m good for something!

By the time 2:30 rolled around the boys all piled into the van, much to the disappointment to the girls who had to stay home.  *80 is much to hot to leave them in the car for and hour.

Swim lessons went well, the three younger ones had a great time, as I thought they would, but the first-born just gave the very nice swim instructor the evil eye.  NOT COOL!  But seems as how his permit is on the line, I think Wednesday will go differently.  What happened to my little boy who loved to participate, loved people, loved the water, loved everything?  Oh yes, I remember, he turned into a teenager.  yay. 

I however, got much further on my hat-turned-scarf, much to the confusion of passer-by’s.  It was a bit humid in the pool area for me to be working with the yarn, but I managed.  If we keep these lessons up, I should get plenty of projects done.   Ooh – the new Webs catalog came out too, Knitting Porn – WooHoo!  I’ll be drooling over some pretties for the next few weeks, window shopping the catalog.

I called on my poor sewing machine tonight.  They still haven’t shipped it off, they’re waiting to get their money from the shipper for the repairs.  *sniffle*  I just want my baby back!  At this rate, we may move again before they ship it.

We met the most wonderful old woman named Viola (said like Violet).  I mentioned to her that we looked at that name when we were pregnant, if we were to have a girl.  She said “And you didn’t have any girls to name that did you!  Because I am the original.  The one and only!  You’all miss me when I’m gone too!” (said with a very thick southern drawl)  Haha, Cracked me up!  The boys however were more concerned with her mustache that was coming in quite nicely.  Later on, she joined them in the pool with her stylish printed bathing suite and shower cap.

We survived the first day of swimming and got home just before the hubby.  The boys were starving, so dinner was first priority.  Why is it that I’m always making something red when I’m wearing light-colored shorts?  While making our grand dinner of homemade sloppy joe’s on noodles (I am the gourmet, aren’t I) the hubby gave me a great rundown of his day with a new assistant.  And when I say new, I mean, this was her first time working on real people.  Not exactly what you need when you have serious work to be done.  But being the dental stud that he is, he managed. 

That’s about the time that the storm started.  We’ve been hearing about the storm all day, so it was almost to the point of hurry up and get it done with already!  Thunderstorm warnings, tornado warnings, flash flood warnings and granted, it was pretty good storm, but really we were just glad for it to be over.  The cat is now livid with me for making her come in, even though she knows she hates the rain and isn’t allowed out at night and the old lady dog spent the whole time under my desk, breathing her even more humid breath on me.  All this then stirs up the Oly Monster who starts running around the house.  Have you ever seen a 140# dog run through a 1000 sqft house?  At that point you just get out-of-the-way and sit down. 

The best part about the rain and subsequent flooding is the local wild life that comes out.  No, no crocodiles and sadly, no lizards this time either.  But lot’s of frogs and toads, and they were all nice enough to sit still for me while I was trying to get a shot of them in the driveway.  Yes, I’m eight…. what do you want, I’m the mother of boys!  At least I didn’t bring any into the house this time. yet  

 So the storm is done and everything is soggy, it’s still hot and humid, in October.  But the first-born has cinnamon buns in the oven, mmmm.  That makes the humidity a little more bearable.


3 Responses to “Swim away from lightning”

  1. Karen Says:

    You know, the humidity is going to be 10 times worse there in the summer than it is in NJ. You should just come back to NJ. But leave the wildlife there. 🙂

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