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Minions October 26, 2010

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A very slow day, hot and muggy.  You really didn’t want to move, but it wasn’t quite warm enough for most of us to justify the a.c. but enough to just sit.  The sky was empty of clouds and even the planes, that’s kind of unusual, but a nice break from the noise.

Which of course came with frosting.... mmmm...

The first-born finished off the cinnamon rolls he had started last night, making for a very nice lunch.  The second-born, who can’t eat them was less pleased with the amount of dishes that came out of the project.  Having to wash the dishes of something you don’t even get to eat, really is unfair.  However, life is unfair, so he still “got” to do the dishes.  Ok, I’m really not all as mean as that.  He had cookies for his dessert.  Because of the expense of the poor kids cookies, he only get’s 3 little cookies instead of the monstrous rolls his brothers and dad wolfed down. 

About the time the hubby got home I was starting dinner.  We did our usual routine of asking about each others day while the hubby sat down.  That’s when he noticed that not just the boys followed me everywhere, but the girls too.  MINIONS!  At one point we had all four boys and all three girls in our room.  After sending the boys out to play, and getting tired of all three of the girls following me from room to room, I finally locked the them in the room with their dad (the pets, not the boys) and cleaned the kitchen.  All-by-myself!  My kitchen is very clean now I’d like to say.  After about 30 minutes of listening to the Oly Monster whine at the door, the hubby let her out again. Traitor!  As you can see, they were truly offended.

The cat's new resting place, under my feet?

 I can never get the timing right for dinner.  When I want it to take all day, it takes an hour.  When I want it to take an hour, it takes hours….  So tonight we ate at 7:30, when I had planned on 6:00.  Stupid pork roast!  It was a really good dinner for once though.  The first-born made a really good bbq sauce a few days ago that went very nicely with it.  But again, the second born can’t have it, so it was a dish it for yourself sort of thing since we couldn’t put it on the whole roast.  My point to this is that as I pulled the roast out of the crockpot tonight, the handle of the lid busted off.  This poor crockpot – it’s really done.  It no longer has ANY handles, just two screws stuck out of the side.  The ceramic pot itself has a huge chip in it and the outside of the cooking part is all rusted.  But it still worked, so I didn’t want to throw it out.  Hmmm – I’m thinking it might be time?

One of our visitors from last night decided to try their luck at our house again.  The boys all got to touch it, the little guy (or girl?) was nice enough to sit still. 

After looking at all the pretties in the Webs catalog, I’m trying to figure out what to get the hubby’s mother and granny.  As long as it’s hand-made, even if it’s easy, their happy.  As long as it’s inexpensive, my stomach is happy.  I’m sure the two can compromise.  I’ve come to the conclusion, while looking through the catalog, that some of these people assume money grows on sheep.  $45 a skein… down from $57, and it takes “only 6 skeins” to make the sweater they designed to go with it?  Yeah, you better keep dropping that price before I can even look at that page! 

We have someone new coming to look at the house up north tomorrow.  A mother with six boys – Jealous!  We already have someone interested, but we want to see who’s money is greener first.  I’m sort of leaning towards the 6 boys though….

Tomorrow the hubby’s last day of on call duty and our second day of swim lessons.  Wish me luck!


3 Responses to “Minions”

  1. Karen Says:

    I’m chock full of good ideas! 😉

  2. Karen Says:

    Get a new crockpot. And use the old one to dye yarn/fabric/etc. I have a “spare” crockpot in the craft room closet for just that reason.

    • blankenmom Says:

      OMG’sh that is a good idea. I have a ton of dyeing gear, that would be excellent! As soon as the new one show’s up, into one of the dyeing buckets it goes. (After I clip the handle screws dangling off the side). :\

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