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The hubby really is too good to me October 27, 2010

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It’s been a very hot, sticky day for us.   It’s not so much that it’s hot and sticky, it’s more that it’s hot (90*) and sticky (90% humidity) in OCTOBER!  C’mon people, have southerners not heard of the 4 seasons?  Ok, ok, I’m done… I think?

I worked on the jacket today, I normally only work on it at night so nothing happens to it, but I really just want to get it done.  Speaking of which, my sewing machine repair shop called today and said that my baby should be back by the end of the week.  *EEK*  I’m so excited!!  So, I want this gone so I can get going on my newly tuned up/repaired machine.  I’ll get started on that pant suite.  Hmm, that should be fun to try on in this heat?  Maybe I should work on the baby blankets that are STILL sitting in my closet that I started before packing?  Hmm – all the choices, all the possibilities.  I’m so excited!

Swimming went a lot smoother than Monday.  The first-born resisted the urge to glare at the poor swim teacher with his best evil eye.  The fourth-born did fantastic.  He even put his face in the water; huge deal for that one.  We’ve almost had him drown TWICE, so he’s a little leery of the water now.  The teacher has him swimming (ok, it’s not pretty, but it’s getting closer) and even putting his face in the water.  I’m so happy.  If we can keep this up, we may have found a new sport for him that doesn’t involve him harming his teammates.

I worked on my hat-turned-scarf and I’m almost finished.  I’m sure they think I’m nuts working on a scarf in 90* weather, but I have to start sometime!  It was exceptionally hot in there and as you can see from the picture, was right in the sun and wore a black top.  I looked like I had been swimming too!  Next week it will be white, from head to toe.

I managed to miss our turn both going to and coming from the lessons.  Saying your new can only get you by for so long, I’m teetering on the end of that one.  The town we’re in is just not big enough to tell people that.

On the way out, still at the entrance, an older gentleman walked up and asked us if we were from Washington?  I looked at all the boys to see if one of us were wearing something that said WA and nope,  I was so confused, I could only guess that it was my Birkenstocks?  Hahaha!  He had seen us pull in earlier.  Few, for a minute there I thought we must REALLY looked like tourists.

The boys are always starving after lessons so we had gourmet as usual.  SOS, one of the boys’ favorites, mega cheap and easy to make.  The hubby was feeling spry and told the boys it was movie and a meal night, so they got to eat in front of the t.v.  Talk about excited!  Not only did they get to watch Kung Fu Panda AND eat, but *Dad* was the one who decided it, man that’s just cool.  “Thanks Dad!”

We’ve finally decided on which slow cooker to buy, we read all the reviews on Amazon and then looked at Consumer Reports and finally decided on the Hamilton Beach 33967 Set ‘n Forget 6-quart Programmable Slow Cooker (say that 5 times fast).  We had just the knob version before and it lasted 15 years + (well, it still works, it just doesn’t have any handles), so I’m hoping it behaves and doesn’t disappoint us.  We bought a microwave popcorn popper also, since we can’t make popcorn on the flat top stove.  We hope that works too.


The hubby’s computer has been giving him fits lately so we went out on a mini-date tonight to the geek store to buy him a new graphic card and canned air.  I got to play with the Ipad (they REALLY need to change that name!), I wouldn’t mind one of THOSE showing up under the tree!  And then the hubby took me out to KFC.  OMG’sh – MASHED POTATO’S!!  That man know’s me so well!  So, a two piece chicken meal with two sides of mashed potato’s, a biscuit and a large side of mashed potato’s later…. I am feeling good.  *burp*

Now for a night of …. nope, not buttonholes, it’s knit night after all.  A night txting my knitting ladies and working on my hat-turned-scarf.  Maybe Christmas shopping Webs and my usual Hulu.  I looked at my history the other day and it was at 603 and after a few days of watching it hadn’t changed.  They don’t count when you watch a show again on your history.  So that means I’ve watched probably 1500 videos in about a year…. I’m not sure if that’s sad or cool?