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Frogging October 29, 2010

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It’s Friday… doesn’t make much of a difference for me, but it’s Friday.  Woohoo!  Tomorrow is Farmer’s Market day and I think on Sunday we’re going to try the base church.  It’s also grocery shopping day and Trick -or- Treating, also a Woohoo!  

We bought the best candy, gummy worms that look real, ear wax and maggots.  We didn’t get barf and road kill like last year, but I think these are sufficiently gross enough, plus the fun toys we bought to hand out.  This may be my first year handing out candy,  the first-born is taking his brothers around the neighborhood, that is after we hit the officer’s housing for the good candy!

I'd like to point out that the hubby gave him and extra inch and 10 lbs. *giggle*

The first-born got his permit today.  It’s cool and scary all at the same time.  We took two drives around the neighborhood today and he progressed well.  I’m sure the mail boxes and garbage cans that he seems to be attracted to will feel much safer once he get’s it down.  We won’t be leaving our safe, barren roads until he get’s the gist of his side of the road.   We bought him pizza to celebrate.  Ok ok, we would have bought him pizza if he hadn’t of passed to make him feel better, but he doesn’t need to know that! 

I know, your admiring my big blue balls, of yarn - Dirty minded people!

 I spent the day frogging a sweater.  It’s a great shade of green and blue, but it just never got worn and I’m not about to waste good yarn.  I’m just about done though and then I have to relax it.  It should take all weekend before it’s done.  I’ll be working on buttonholes again tonight though since my hands are feeling better.  The temperature has gone down considerably today, it only got up to 75* thank goodness.  It feels so good!  The old lady dog and I aren’t feeling so old today.

I’m sure you saw in the news today that two planes were held up in PA just in case there were bombs on board.  I knew for sure my sewing machine was going to be on there.  So here’s how the scenario played out in my head (this always cracks my hubby up).  – They find two bombs on one of the planes and decide the safest thing they can do is to take the plane out to the middle of their runway and just blow up the whole plane.  A few weeks later I get a letter from said carrier saying that they are sorry but my sewing machine was also on the plane.  But I cannot receive the $500 it was insured for because it was already repaired, using up the money.  Have a nice day! –  Just to ease my mind I checked it’s tracking number and it hasn’t left OR yet, so we’re all good!


2 Responses to “Frogging”

  1. Karen Says:

    You crack me up. BUT, I would totally fear that my machine was on the plane too. I guess birds of a feather flock really do flock together. 🙂

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