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Zzzzzzz October 30, 2010

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I’d like to thank whomever decided to share their funk with me, by licking them so as to give it back.  Thanks!

Sugar Cane

I spent majority of my day asleep and will be headed back there very soon.  We did manage to make it to the Farmer’s market.  I figured it was outside so it was pretty safe from me passing my cooties along.  We bought our usual, salsa supplies and a watermelon.  The second-born wanted to try an acorn squash, so we’ll be trying that out this week.  We also picked up a stalk of sugar cane to try out, you know, just in time for trick-or-treating?  But we’re excited to try it.

We had a few other errands to run, including a trip to Dunkin Donuts.  The hubby wanted some coffee so I ordered the hubby’s Large Vanilla Latte and my Small Decaf Mocha Latte.  We got a large latte and a small latte, both caffeinated, neither flavored?  Thanks!

In spite of my ensuing caffeine rush, I still tanked for 3 1/2 hours.  It would have been longer, but the boys were playing a wonderful game of slam every door in the house, which would have been fine if the house were big enough for me not to hear or we had fewer doors.  So up I went and pumpkin carving and salsa making was at hand.  I made a double batch this time, so it will last the whole week.  After many gut, brain and slaughter jokes we were done.  I’m not putting the pumpkins out until tomorrow though, to keep “pumpkin smashers” away.  We’ll also be having our seeds tomorrow, I get more that way while the boys are busy with their candy… heeheehee.

As the boys got that all cleaned up I took the first-born out for his drive.  A few times around the neighborhood and then out on to the “big road”.  It only goes up to 35, and it has very little traffic, but it’s a “real road”.  He was so excited and so SLOW.  Haha!  After driving one way, I had him turn around before getting on to a busier street and we came back.  Someone pulled up behind us and the poor son was going 5 miles below the speed limit and I thought the car was going to drive up and over us.  Haha!  He got so nervous.  I AM enjoying this!

After that was another short nap and then my stellar dinner of noodles, however the heck you choose to make them.  They’re done and ready.  Everyone loved it.  Good, ’cause I’m to tired to make something real.  I did however make the colorful kind that they use veggies to color.  That way the fam still get’s their veggies for the evening!  *snicker*

Once the boys’ movie is over, it’s off to bed again.  I think this means church is out for tomorrow, I don’t want my first trip to a new church the one where I hand off my cooties.  I’ll save that for a later trip.

I obviously didn’t get my frogging done, but I DID get the buttonholes done last night.  Now all that is left is the buttons and lining put back.  FEW!  I can’t wait!  So while I finish up their movie, I’ll finish up my frogging and then bed sweat, quiet, bed.  I hope I feel better for tomorrow, this would be a crappy way to hand out candy.


Any thoughts?

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