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Just a little excitement please… November 30, 2010

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I wouldn’t mind a little excitement?  Not the “Your house has blown up and your being sued” kind of excitement, but the “You’ve won the lottery” or ” Come to our party” kind of excitement.  I’m growing rather weary of the daily grind; the constant doldrums of arguing with the borough and paying bills.  Hmmm – I think I  need to get into some sort of trouble?

I’ll be working on my patterns tonight for a short while.  I hope to work on them tomorrow if my very efficient boys don’t put the table outside for me again.  *Grin*  I was less than two inches from being done on my final stocking, when I realized the pattern wasn’t matching up correctly.  Because it’s an older pattern, there isn’t a stitch count, so I measured it up to the first one, and yup, lo-and-behold, it was about and inch wider than the first!  *UUUHHHGGG*  So, frogged again, to nearly where I started at the beginning of the weekend.  I’m past disliking this stocking and now on to loathing it.  I just want it DONE! 

As for “That house”, we’re finally getting somewhere.  The man who was “supposed” to be giving us our C/O has been asked to take administrative leave.  I’d like to say I’m bummed for him, but I’m not.  I’m really not.  I know it’s mean, but it’s passed time.  So now they said they’re working extra hard to get the paperwork done.  But after all we’ve been through with them, I’m not holding my breath.

The Oly Monster had an appointment today.  Always entertaining – the poor thing was scared to death.  150 pound dog and she’s quivering and shaking; at one point she got startled and jumped into my lap!  The vet was great, allowing us to have her appointment outside.  She doesn’t feel so trapped outside; besides, if she piddles (or more) outside, it’s easier to clean.  It worked great!  She stayed calm, didn’t even notice she was getting her shots, or blood taken and even calmed down about the vet.  I really appreciated the vet doing that for us, it will make her future appointments go much smoother; I might even be able to get her to come through the door!  Plus, he gave us some great idea’s on how to get her to stop lunging at other dogs in an attempt to play – the ding-dong!  She’ll run up to the other dog, full-bore, fur raised, stop and roll over; but not before scaring the pants off the other dog owner.  I’d be scared too!  So, we’ve got some work to do with her.

We got our first Christmas present.  The hubby’s brother always sends us meat for the holidays and we ALWAYS enjoy it.  A house full of boys….  the second-born can’t eat a lot of it, ironic I know, since it’s meat.  But, we only have to buy his now, instead of for all of us.  Mmmm – food is always a good gift!  We’re thinking of sending them a Wine Basket?  It’s food, for fancy people!

So, tomorrow, I’m going to work on patterns (I hope), and try a new recipe (I hope), and wait for a little quiet, calm, non-expensive excitement (I hope).


I only dust when I move November 28, 2010

Chore day!  The day the hubby and I celebrate and wait all week for.  Except today, WE had chores to do.  That makes for a different story.  The hubby and I had to dust the fans and oddly enough, the walls?  I normally don’t dust until we move, but this was particularly troublesome.

I was also able to start work on the fourth-borns bed.  I have all the holes drilled, now I need to put the other piece of wood on it and stain it.  The boy might have his bed back by next weekend.  I’m wondering if he’ll want it back once he realizes he’ll have to change the sheet again?

I didn’t get much work done on my stocking or sewing.  It’s so difficult with the table outside, but I really want to get sewing again.  It makes me feel more normal.  I should probably work on some cooler weather shirts though.  It finally cooled down here a bit.  They gave a freezing warning last night, but it still got up to 70* today.

We were able to make our grocery shopping trip.  Always interesting!  How DOES one go to church and then Wallyworld in stiletto heals?  Good entertainment though!  After more than 30 minutes of looking for watch batteries and light bulbs, the hubby and I were on the verge of giving up.  But at the last moment, all was saved.

And then a trip to the geek store to check out new flat screens.  They are nice and shiny and I admit it would be nice.  I just can’t see, buying a new one, when our’s is still working.  I do, however, foresee a broken t.v. in the very near future.  Hahaha!  I can’t blame them for trying!


What to do with a Saturday?

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Ah Saturday!  A day to sleep in, relax, go to the Farmer’s Market and tootle.  I like that word, tootle.  Just doing things as you please, no rhyme or reason.  That’s what a day off is supposed to be.

I watched the boys turn my cutting table into a fort.  Fun to watch, but makes cutting out patterns tough.  And the cat sat on my yarn, which makes knitting tough, so the hubby and I went to a movie, which also gave the first-born an opportunity to earn $5 for babysitting for a game he wanted.  Everyone wins.  Megamind was very cute.  I have, however, surmised that movies are approximately 2 minutes to long, because I alway have to go to the bathroom about 2 minutes before it ends.  The hubby offered to buy me some depends for the next movie – I passed, although, that would solve the whole, cold in the movie theater issue!

I got home and my super efficient, super boys, put my cutting table back outside, which also makes cutting patterns tough.  So tonight I’ll work on my stockings and tomorrow when they go to bed, pattern cutting time.

The Farmer’s Market was very small today.  No honey stand lady, jam dude, or squash folk.  But we got our onions, apples and peanuts.  We also got to meet a Great Dane.  He was no Oly Monster, but boy did we fall in love with him.  That will be our next dog for sure.  Gorgeous, just gorgeous!  (Still no Oly Monster though!)  As for the old lady dog, you just can’t top her!  *Giggle*

We went to one of my favorite stores today, and I actually saw someone I knew.  I love it when that happens.  And as much as we move, it doesn’t happen very often.  I almost jumped the center display to say “HI”, but that would make me sort of crazy and we don’t want that secret out already!

It’s starting to cool down.  I’m a bit shocked, but it is.  I actually had to wear pants today!  The boys still played outside and we still took a walk in just our sweatshirts.  The girls had a blast and the two boys that went with me argued the whole way.  I do have to say, for people with small dogs; just because they’re little, doesn’t mean they don’t need to be leashed or tethered.  They can still run out into traffic or chase big dogs like ours and get stepped on, and then whose fault is it when they get hurt?  Ours of course, because we have big dogs, even though their on leashes.  Not theirs, because they can’t seem to keep them where they belong?  Oh, I take issue with little dog owners.  Not the dogs, the owners! 

Ok, I’m done.

It was a good day, entirely to short.  I need another day off for my four-day weekend.  Tomorrow is chore day, so we have to actually, *GASP*, do work.  Bleck!


Long day off November 27, 2010

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I haven’t had a real day off in quite a while.  Yeah, when we first got here I didn’t have anything to do, but that’s not really a day off.  That’s just sheer boredom, this was an actual day off, where I didn’t have to get up for anything and had nothing planned for my day – but still had options.  I thoroughly enjoyed it!

My stomach has been upset since yesterday, so I didn’t eat all day long like the family; I’m jealous.  But, I did spend it finishing up the second stocking, frogging the first and restarting it in the proper order (only from the heel).  They may be almost wearable now that their fixed!  I also got a burst of energy tonight and hauled in my cutting table (from outside… isn’t that where everyone keeps their cutting table?)  I got two patterns cut out and ironed and one piece of fabric ironed.  I was hoping to get at least one pattern transferred, but my stomach started up again before I could.  So a little more work on the stocking before bed I guess. 

This is the shirt pattern?

We’re going to the Farmers Market tomorrow as usual, although, we’re not sure if they will be there with this being a holiday weekend and all.  But, it’s an outing for the boys, so they still want to go.  I might have to fit in a few other errands to make it worth going out.  I’m a little afraid to go out to the stores this weekend though, so we’ll be avoiding them.

I plan on Christmas shopping next weekend.  That should give people some time to calm down.  Ordering and the stores; it’s easier to get it all done in one weekend than to extend it out for weeks at a time.  I hate shopping, so I want to hurry up and get it done. 

The boys have finished off the last of the leftovers in record time; I think next year I might buy two hams?  I may have to look into two turkeys for Christmas?  Feeds 14-16 my backside!

The second-born and I went out tonight to return our Redbox and on the way there had to swerve for big, giant snake!  Ok, so it wasn’t an Anaconda or anything, but it was the biggest snake I had ever seen in real life; big enough to swerve for!  I wish I had gotten a picture of it.  I think that was the peak of my excitement today?

The hubby and I took the girls for a walk today.  I think the neighborhood thought we were nuts, walking in the rain, but really, are we going to melt?  The old lady dog was less than thrilled with us, but the Oly monster was as happy as could be.  And as we walked passed the pond, there were more ducks than usual swimming around.  Including the baby duck that swims around the middle of the pond all by itself – so cute!

She's got two of her own beds, 4 boys beds and where does she choose to sleep? Under my cutting table!

Normally we pull the Christmas tree out on the first weekend of December, but this year we have something special planned.  But we have to wait for it to show up… I’ll have pics as soon as it does.


We’re having ham, thanks. November 26, 2010

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I think we were the only people in the U.S. to have ham this year for Thanksgiving.  Everyone we talked to about their meal plan paused and asked again.  “You’re having ham?”  I’m not sure why this was so strange, but I guess it doesn’t matter, it tasted good.

The boys were excellent with helping out.  I started about 10:30-11:00 this morning and had planned on having the meal out by 3, but per usual my cooking skills, it was done at 5.  But again, it tasted good.

We rented “A Christmas Carol” tonight; the new CG one.  It was pretty odd, the boys liked it, but I have a strong feeling the fourth-born will be waking me up for the next few nights – that is, if he’s wants to brave the dark of our room? 

It will be nice to have a day completely off, nowhere to be, or anything to do.  I’ll be working on my stockings.  Yes…. I said stocking(s), plural.  After getting nearly finished with what I thought was my last, I realized I made a HUGE mistake on the first one, that isn’t hidable or dealable.  It’s major, so I have to frog it up to where I had started it last and rework it.  At least now I have the pattern down again, so it’s going faster.  I think I want to start cutting on my new outfit tomorrow too?  I need to find “Betty” (my body form) though.  I have three, “Betty”, “Wilma” and “Suzie”; “Betty’s my size, well, at least for a while longer.

I wish I had  a little more excitement, but it was a nice “relaxing” day of cooking.  I hope everyone else had a nice Thanksgiving also.


Schoolwork? What schoolwork? November 25, 2010

Today was a day of freelance, open learning.  Not our usual, sit down with our laptops and get the assignments done, but more of a, let’s see what we can fit in for the day.  With the boys’ swim lessons at 10 am instead fo 3 pm, our schedule was a bit thrown off.  We woke sleeping beauty aka, the first-born right before we left and he managed to snarl and growl his way through his last lesson.  This would be our lesson on physical fitness.  Poor woman – I offered to hold him down if she’d be the look out, but alas, we both decided we like him too much and let him see another day.  So that was our lesson on buoyancy.  Later, a lesson in biology, when we found a lizard in the pool area.  Also a lesson on chemistry when we watched the girl chlorinate the pool and some health when mom got sick from the girl putting to much in, causing dizziness and difficult breathing.  No worries.  I had a lesson on nature and sat outside for a while.

When we got home, we had a lesson on keeping house, when the boys (and I’m very proud of this) did a dishwasher and two full counter’s of dishes, without complaining or arguing.  They didn’t take forever and didn’t make a huge mess – NICE!  During this lesson on keeping house, we had a physics lesson, when a ramekin got caught in the opening of the garbage disposal.  Having one of the boys retrieve the plunger, I then proceeded to plunge the opposite side of the sink, launching the dish several feet in the air (I have a strange feeling this will be happening frequently now).

On to sharing; the in-laws sent a care package for Thanksgiving with all the boys’ (including the big boys) favorites.  Jam, but only three, so they have to share; beef jerky, that even the second-born can have and candy that they had to split, including doling out the candy to dad for this “daddy tax” before he even got home.

Later, we had our lesson on cooking and history, when we made my families traditional dish, Cranberry salad (pics coming tomorrow).  All the boys helped out – they look forward to it every year for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  And finally, time management.  How many movies can they fit in before bedtime.

So see, even on days when you just don’t have time to sit down, you have time to fit in a lesson plan! 

As for fitting in some sort of textile lessons; that’s all for me!  I am almost finished with my stocking, which means I can move on to something new, very soon.  I caught myself eyeballing more material and some new yarn, but I think I’ll behave until after Christmas.

Since I won’t be here until after most of the day has gone by – HAPPY THANKSGIVING!


Long, long, long day November 24, 2010

We were scheduled with the fire marshal at 4 pm, to see if the house needed a fire escape.  That makes for a very looooong day.  Not to mention, the boys were very active and I was just not “feeling” the day.

The third-born won’t have regular school work for a while, so he’s been getting the other boys all riled, not to mention the up coming 4 day weekend and they’re favorite – FOOD!  They all got their work done in record time and then headed out doors thank goodness.  I was actually able to get the kitchen cleaned up too.  The second-born was pointing out that they won’t get to watch the Macy’s parade this year, I’m feeling a little remorseful over this.  It’s such a small thing, that seems to make the holiday better for him and it will be gone.  It is however, for just one year.  Maybe being able to play outside in 80* weather on Thanksgiving will make him feel better?

I worked on the last stalking a bit more today, it shouldn’t take me much longer before I have two completed stockings, that I’ll never wear anywhere, but they’ll look very pretty in my drawer.  They aren’t perfect and the yarn was bit to thick for them.  The next ones should be perfect however!

I broke down and went to get my favorite mashed potato’s.  I asked for the 2 piece meal, extra crispy (but frankly, I could care less about the chicken, I just want the sides – next time that’s all I’m ordering) I wanted the small side to be coleslaw and a large order of mashed potato’s.  What I got was grilled chicken, with a small order of mashed potato’s, with a spit of gravy on there.  Hmmm – ruined the whole purpose of my outing!

I had to make the second-borns marshmallows, for his cranberry salad, tonight.  They’re supposed to be easy to make, but I’ve only had them turn out great once. And this wasn’t it.  That darn Alton Brown, making me think I could pull it off!  They’ll work, but they aren’t pretty!  I was going to share photo’s, but no one wants to see my marshmallow blobs.  Tomorrow I get to try to make him whipped cream from Almond milk – this should be interesting?  If it doesn’t turn out to gross, I’ll share some photo’s of his rice syrup marshmallow’s and Almond milk whipped cream, doesn’t it just sound tasty?

As I finished, I turned and noticed the dishwasher not running.  I checked and realized it wasn’t working.  The water came in through the bottom and then drained back out – but it didn’t wash.   After checking it’s symptoms via the internet, I realize that it will need a new motor.  I’m guessing that isn’t a one day fix it.  The pile of dishes it’s left, is rather scary and deep.  I have a feeling I’ll have an extra project tomorrow.  At least the kid that own’s the place has a warranty on the appliances, so he won’t have to pay for it right before the holidays.  I’d feel terrible!

And, as for the fire marshal, he said – we DO NOT need a fire escape!  The realtor txted and told us about 4:45.  He said it would have set us back 15k.  Well, it wouldn’t have because I would have given up the house first.  We don’t have that kind of money anymore; the house sucked it all out of us.  So what does all this mean?  After the holiday, barring any oddness from the borough, we should have our C/O and we can get our renter in there.  Only time will tell.

I’m hoping for a relatively calm day tomorrow before the holiday, we’ll see?