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A picture is worth a 100 miles… November 1, 2010

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I’m short on pics today, ironically, because of our trip to get pics.  A six-hour trip to get my gorgeous boys pics recorded for history was totally worth it, right?  RIGHT?!

This morning while I was getting the van ready for the trip, I had to fill a tire and replace a light.  The Oly Monster climbed in and refused to get out.  Maybe I should have driven her around the block?  Instead I coaxed her out with a treat, boy was she mad when we left with out her!

Garmin decided to take us on the scenic route there, and by scenic I mean the back woods of Georgia that more than once ended with a dead-end and I swear, in a few places…. we could hear banjo music!  The folks were very nice however, at one point a gentleman pulled up next to us and began giving us directions to “the big city”, we must have looked REALLY lost!  We did have a good time though, it’s nice when the first-born actually talks.  Nice weather to be lost in too, not to hot or cold, window’s down and the music up.  Yup, I now know the back way to most anywhere, just about everywhere.  The first-born asked more than once why he couldn’t drive – Umm, yeah.  I can’t even figure out her directions!  Next time….. maybe.

When we were buying their clothes at the mall the woman behind the counter immediately asked for our mil i.d.  Hmm – yup, we stick out.  That makes me wonder if we moved back home if we’d stick out there too now?

The boys did great at their pics.  The fourth-born was unusually goofy and the third-born looks more and more like his dad everyday.  The second-born, always has been and I’m pretty sure, always will be gorgeous.  Which is good, ’cause he’s stinker.  The first-born, did alright.  He certainly looked his age.  He’s just at an awkward age, it didn’t help though that the background was white.  With his pasty white skin it makes him sort of blend in… good thing his hair was blue so we could find him.  They ALL looked so grown up.  *sniffle*

The first day with the new crock pot didn’t go so well.  I put the beef roast in at 3:30, for the hubby to be able to eat at what I thought should be around 5:00.  It’s 10:30 and it’s still cooking.  Blast!  Nothing can make me a better cook.  I give up!  It certainly is pretty though.

So, no knitting, no sewing, very little house work (darn) and very few bills paid.  My new THREADS showed up though.  I hope tomorrow is a little more productive!


Any thoughts?

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