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My baby’s back! November 2, 2010

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Can you see me smiling from ear to ear?  Can ya, can ya?  Ahh – it feels good to have him back home.  He appears to be back to his old self, short of the needle threader that seems to need a little assistance, but it isn’t necessary to the actual sewing, so I DON’T CARE!  I am so getting this jacket out of this house so I can play.

John David

I had to pick the hubby up today from the car doctors, which cut my day shorter than normal.  His car is giving him trouble so he took it in, which will make our life interesting for the next few days since we still have swim lessons and vet appointments.  Figures, we do nothing for days and now we have excitement.  So I’ll be up very early tomorrow.

We had “Mandatory Fun” tonight.  For those of you that don’t know what this is, it’s like a forced office party that you have to bring your spouse to.  I will say, it wasn’t as bad as people have made it out to be, thank goodness.  The hubby and I are definitely the middle group (notice I didn’t say middle AGED group).  There were the 26-30 year olds, us and then the people in charge who were in there 50’s+.  I got along much better with the older folks.  I’m not sure how I feel about that yet?  At one point in the evening, the hubby went into the other room for a few minutes and I turned to go into the other room to “mingle” and everyone got very quiet, looked at each other, got up and walked into a new room.  Hahaha!  Now, I know for a fact it wasn’t because of me, but can we say “AWKWARD”!  The first person left, so it was sort of like the racetrack gun going off, telling everyone they were allowed to go.  I had to laugh with the hubby on the way there when I realized that I was just about the only non dentist or doctor there.  “Oh good, so I get to be the lone peon.”  I said that to one of the girls there and she pointed to her husband “Nope, there’s another peon”, with a *wink*.  That made me feel so much better, that she could joke about it.  It wasn’t too bad though, no one asked what I did.

The first-born is doing great with his driving.  I took him out to a major road today, but only using right turns and the right lane of a 4 lane road (that’s major here).  He did pretty well.  We didn’t die.

I got to work a little more on my frogging.  I have them in skeins now; I so love my beautiful wooden swift!  I’ll be bathing them tomorrow; the hubby would NOT be happy if he went to take a shower in the morning and there were skeins taking a bath in his tub.  There are limits to his patience.  It’s almost sweater weather here, but I can’t work on any until I get Christmas presents done.  Speaking of Christmas present, I had planned on having the MIL and GIL pick out their own yarn this year when they came to visit, but it turns out they won’t be able to make it next week like they had planned.  We’re all very upset, but things happen.  So I guess I’m back to picking out their yarn again.  Suggestions anyone???

I’m going to go and play with my sewing machine…. I mean uh, I”m going to go finish that jacket, yeah.  That’s totally what I ment.


Any thoughts?

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