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Late to bed, early to rise November 3, 2010

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I had to drive the hubby to work this morning.  6 am is NOT my favorite hour!  It was neat seeing the base at that hour though.  The long string of cars while it’s still dark, looked like a really long, bright snake curving back and forth.  The road is very winding, with swamps and palm trees on either side.  I wouldn’t go as far as to say beautiful, but it’s not bad.  I especially love the sign that says “Drive safe – (with one of those changing number boards) – 12 deer hit this year”.  I thought it was funny they had a counter for this.  I suppose it’s better than a sign saying “This many people eaten by alligators this year”!

This is all after a 2 am bedtime.  But I got a lot of work done on the jacket.  It’s amazing what a little motivation will do!  As for my frogging, I got the skeins in the bath today and they’re in towels drying now.  Tomorrow after the hubby’s shower I’ll hang them to finish air drying.

Today at the boys’ swim lessons I had planned on picking the yarn for Christmas presents, but the lifeguard was apparently REALLY bored and chatted with me the entire hour.  The first-born drove to the swim lessons and then to pick up the hubby, who didn’t seem all that thrilled with the idea of him driving home, but tolerated it well.  The rest of the boys dove out of the van like a bunch of clowns and started kissing the ground.  He did great, only one mistake, but it wasn’t major.  Of course it was on base, so that could have been bad.

Tomorrow I get to drive him again.  He’s hoping his car will be done tomorrow.  It would make things less chaotic, but what fun is there in that!


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