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Long days November 4, 2010

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If the days are getting shorter, why do they feel so much longer?  Oh, because I’m up at all hours, that makes sense.  Going to bed at 1 or 2 am and then getting up at 6 am makes for VERY long days I’ve noticed.  Especially since we have all of a sudden developed a life.  Vet appt.’s, pictures, swim lessons, mandatory fun, I didn’t even include shopping in that – NICE!

Today when I took the hubby in for work, the line to get on base was about 1/2 mile long.  He said it’s Family day on Thurs. and Graduation tomorrow, so it’s like this every week.  Uhg!  I still enjoying watching him get his little salute when we go through the gate.  I thought it would get boring by now, but nope, still makes me giggle.  And when I came this afternoon to pick him up I got the salute and my excitement was apparently, well, apparent and made the guard laugh.  I guess I need to curb my enthusiasm a little more.

The old lady dogs appt. went very well.  No shots, no cultures, just some petting, eye and ear check and that as about it.  She’s pretty old, so they don’t really want to run a heartworm test anymore, which is fine since she couldn’t handle the treatment anyway.  He confirmed that yup, she is a little blind (cataracts) and yup, she’s pretty deaf (she couldn’t hear a thing he said to her) and yup, she is kind of incontinent (no she didn’t demonstrate this for him).  We did find out she’s lost some weight and her hip problems are a little worse than we thought, but he said she may outlive the big dog!  Ah – that’s my good Josie!  14 years old this month, and it sounds like we’ll have her for a lot longer.  YAY!  Oh, and by-the-way, the cat’s blood work came back and she’s all clear.  Just a minor infection that’s making her drink more.  FEW!

I got the yarn hung up today, it’s air drying now.  It’s still a little crimped, but it will still work well.  To bad I don’t have a skein winder or a niddy noddy to make them into skeins instead of balls.  And I finally decided on what I’m making the MIL and GIL.  A cowl and scarf from Be Sweet Fine + Light, made from Be Sweet Fine MohairI’m still picking the colors though, they’re all on backorder so I need to call and see when they will be available.  If it’s next week, no problem.  If it’s this time next month… heck no.  I think they’ll really enjoy them.  Hmm – I wonder if MY mom would like one of those?  I’ll have to think on that one?

It did finally rain today.  They’ve been telling us it’s supposed to rain all week, but it finally broke today.  No frogs though, I suppose it wasn’t enough rain to make them need to come out.  Our lizard friend that lives near the garbage can didn’t come out either.  I’ll have to keep an eye out for him (her?).

The first-born drove to Wallyworld today and I made him come in, so keep your eyes peeled for us on POW with his blue, blue hair.  That should really make my teenagers day!


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