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Busy, busy, Sunday November 8, 2010

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After enjoying my extra hour of sleep, my day of rushing, spending and grouching ensued.  Sundays are ment for family, church and remembering your maker and what did I do – clean and spend money.  *Bleck*  Two things I hate.  Granted, the boys need clothes and shoes, but the way the do the mil discounts can be so frustrating!  So, I missed out on those, but did get a BOGO deal for their shoes.  That took a little sting out of it.  After we got home I bought the Christmas present yarn and patterns and the wire for the necklaces.  I’m DONE spending money… oh wait, I still have to get groceries this week, pay to get the rental checked out, swim lessons and the hubby’s car from last week.  Good thing money keeps falling out of my….

On to better and brighter news, the jacket is DONE!  Yup – DONE!  And should be shipped off tomorrow.  *Sigh*  I’m so happy to have it all done and soon gone.  This also includes the hand stitched buttonholes on the shirt.  I’m very proud of those, I think I did a great job, if I do say so myself! 

I’m also happy to have the yarn bought so I can move on to other things, I think the family will be very happy with what I got though.  Hmm – I wonder what I should do until my package shows up, Oh, I know.  I get to sew – Yippee!  I got the frogged yarn all finished and balled.  I think I need a Nostepinne.  Ok, I don’t *need* one, I just want one, so technical!  It would have made the ball winding a lot easier and nicer, but doing it by hand IS a lot cheaper.

I was hoping to check out the church on base today, but the mil website is just like the mil.  Can’t find anything.  But after a lot digging today I found out what time their services will be next week, and after asking the hubby what Protestant was, since I knew I was Catholic, we had to try to figure out if we were Calvary or Redemption.  When did going to church become so difficult?

The first-born drove to the clothing store and back today.  He’s doing really well, but can I just say how exhausting it is teaching someone how to drive?  You have to pay attention just as well as you would if you were driving and give direction too.  It’s not exactly stressful, just a lot of work.  I just wonder if it get’s any better when they actually get the license or if you just stay home and worry then?  I guess I’ll find out soon enough.

The boys did get their chores done pretty well.  I just find it comical that they have the same chores every week and every week, they ask me what their chores are?  Gosh, I wonder why I was a smidgen grouchy?

I caught the cat on the counter tonight – I think the fish thanks me!


Any thoughts?

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