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Ah Tuesday… November 10, 2010

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After a day like yesterday, Tuesday is that much more welcome.  A calm day, at least for my part.  The boys on the other hand are still all sugared up, thanks to an extra helping of candy that showed up the day after trick-or-treating.  But I think it’s gone now, so we should be headed into sugar withdrawals now; that should be fun.  Tomorrow is swim lessons, so that hopefully, will settle them down.  Monday’s swim lessons included the “old man Speedo group”, much to everyone’s displeasure.  Hopefully tomorrow’s will be a bit more… normal.

Now that the jacket is gone (I still like saying it) I’ve been working on a few UFO’s (Un Finished Objects).  I’ve gotten one finished today, a blanket of the super soft Soy.  There isn’t much you can do with this particular soy, other than a blanket or scarf, it just has too much drape.  It amazes me how much boys (and men) like the super soft, silky stuff, that they never admit to.  I’m working on another UFO tomorrow; my wool stockings.  I have to figure out where I left off and hope I don’t have to frog them and start over, since I’ve been working on them for about 2 years now. 

While the boys are working on their schoolwork this week, I’m going to organize patterns and pick out the one I want to work on.  I can do it without moving around too much and sit with them when needed.  I’ve figured out that when mom starts moving, schoolwork ends.  So until their done, I’m in one spot.  At night I can work on dad’s sweater and my new outfit. 

This isn't all of my stash, just the REALLY good stuff!

I went through my yarn bag, from the move, and had forgotten how much yarn I really had in there.  It’s like opening a package on Christmas.  I can’t wait to dive back in.  I wish my sewing “room” were a little bigger so I wasn’t in everyone’s way, but we’re only here for a short time, so I guess being in everyone’s way can be tolerated.

I went from an entire room to myself for sewing to “command central” as we call it.  This house is so small, that from this spot in the house I can see, hear and “command” everything.


Any thoughts?

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