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Ah – Knit Night November 11, 2010

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One of my favorite days of the week, knit night.  Full of jokes, mostly goofy, some naughty.  A night without kids (unless they’re in the back ground while your video chatting) and maybe some food and a few drinks.  It’s a night that I get to feel like a real person.  Not just an answering machine, a maid or chauffeur.  I get to have a thought of my own, stretch my mind, and maybe learn something new.  While I miss being there in person, I will take video chatting or texting any day over not having one at all.

Tonight I worked on another UFO.  Some stalkings that I’ve been working on for about 2 years now, off and on.  I should be finished with one anytime and the second shortly after.  I only have the feet to finish.  The pattern is vintage from about 1930 or so and it’s a bit thicker than I pictured, but it should be nice for winter time and something very original.  Next time I think I’ll use something a bit thinner and maybe try to modify the pattern for a toe-up knit, but for now, I think this will be very unique.

I pulled all of my patterns out of the garage, so I can start to organize them.  Yes, I have a few patterns.  I have issues…. I would like more, but I need to find some more pattern companies.  When I go to buy more, they’re all the same ones I already have.  I had to start cataloging them on the computer so I could cross reference them to make sure I didn’t buy two of the same (again).  I also have a few vintage from before I was born and from when I was a kid.  I would like a few more of those too.  Yeah, I have issues….

Swim lessons went well today, I stayed deep in my knitting so I didn’t have to chat with the lifeguard again, don’t get me wrong, he’s a nice, but he was coming off as a little strange.  And, no Speedo men!  Although, there was one woman doing a very questionable workout in the pool?

That was about the extent of my excitement for the day, other than the usual bill paying, borough calling, fighting with the printer and 2 hours of long division.  Tomorrow we are throwing in some excitement; we’re heading to Costco, my second favorite store (after the fabric and yarn store).  The boys always enjoy our trip there too.  I wish they had a fabric or yarn store up north, so I could go sniff around a bit.


Any thoughts?

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