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COSTCO! November 11, 2010

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I love Costco!  I know it’s wrong to love inanimate objects, but when you can get a cheap meal, snacks and a whole months worth of food (and maybe even some Christmas presents) in one place for a good price, that just rocks!  Not to mention the boys love the place too.  I asked the hubby today while we were winding through the isles, “Can you imagine how much food we’ll buy when we don’t have that house anymore!”  I mean think about it, we could actually buy what we want, instead of what we need.  I won’t have to cut the two roasts we buy, in half to make 3 roasts and 1 stew meat.  Or the Pork “wiener” (we don’t really know what it is other than a long piece of pork?) into 2 roasts and 2 meals of pork chops.  Wouldn’t that be fun!  Ok, we’re easy!

I do wish someone could explain to me the phenomenon, that occurs in Costco, that causes otherwise normal, calm people to either slow down to a snail’s pace, blocking entire isles OR run through the store like a crazed lunatic running people down as though they were in a game of Frogger?  I had a woman actually speed up, steer towards me and get a giant grin on her face as I jumped out of her way?  Or another woman who pushed her cart at our second-born and yell “Hey, watch where your goin'”, in a not so friendly sort of way.  I’m sure these people are normal outside the store?  I’m sure they would never get enjoyment from attempting to run me over in a cross walk, or yell at a semi-small boy.  Or, who knows, maybe they would?   

I didn’t get to sew today, work on my patterns or knit.  It was that kind of day.  Between long division, spelling words, geography, Bible, Costco and my dad, I just didn’t have any down time.

My dad is in the hospital, for an infection after back surgery.  My usually very strong, never sick, extremely hard-working and very stubborn dad.  In the 34 years I’ve known him, I’ve only known him to go to the doctor two other times, when he was electrocuted at work and was life flighted there and for the back surgery a month ago because of that accident.  So this is a big deal for us.  My brother and sister get to be there to take care of him.  I get to send flowers.  If you can’t tell, I would rather be there to help, but we don’t always get what we want.  Everyone understands, but I would still rather be there to give him a hug and chat with him between x-rays, or help out on the farm to get things done.  The boys and I will be picking out something for him tomorrow, so he can see it everyday and KNOW we are thinking of him.  *sniffle*

That’s where my brain is today….


Any thoughts?

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