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The search is on… November 12, 2010

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I have my fabulous fabric for my upcoming suit, that will live in my closet, but I didn’t think about the lining.  That’s where I am now, searching for lining.  Let me say it again, differently.  That’s where I am now, searching for lining in an area that has no fabric stores.  (No, I am NOT going to include Wallyworld!)

Yes, I could have it ordered by now, but I am a lining snob.  I love bright colors and would love to wear them all over me, but my grand stature of 4′ 11″ and a bit of a stocky nature, prohibits this.  Unless of course I want to look wider than tall.  So, I put it in the lining. 

I have now gone through several dozen online fabric stores looking for just the right lining.  I want it to match the color of the fashion fabric, but to be fun.  I’m just not seeing this happen at this point, but, I will keep my fingers crossed.  If all else fails, I’ll turn to my standby and just get my usual orange.  Always a shocker when you open your jacket.

We went on base today to get our new ID’s.  The hubby has a higher rank now, so we needed the updated information on them.  It was a bit comical trying to get in.  All the doors said the building was closed, so we called to find out how to get in and lo-and-behold, they opened the one door we didn’t check – *EMBARRASSING*!  My picture looks 100% better, I no longer look like a 90-year-old woman.  2 of the boys got theirs replaced and a third got his first one.  The youngest doesn’t need one yet.  Can I just say how handsome they all looked!  They all look so grown up.  Well, I suppose the first-born is nearly old enough to join anyway, so he’s not to far off the mark.  And the second-born never takes a bad photo.  Even as a baby when he was screaming, his photo’s somehow came out well.  And the third-born today looks just like his dad AND like a new marine recruit.  Thick necked, shaved head, blank stare.  So stinking cute!

We ordered some cookies for my dad today.  BTW – most expensive cookies I’ve ever bought!  It was a long process picking them out.  What do you get for the guy that wants nothing?  Not “has everything”, but want’s nothing.  Not to mention he’s a guy, so flowers aren’t on the top of his list.  He loves plants, but if he can’t take care of himself after surgery, like he wants a plant to take care of.  So our first pick was a cute beer mug with fake beer and flower “froth” at the top – but they didn’t have that for his area, figures!  So we found out from my sister that he is allowed to have cookies and so we sent him these cute little feet cookies.  Six feet for each one of us, I know they would be my hubby’s next choice.  Not to mention, it’s one less thing to lug home from the hospital.  My poor sister hasn’t slept in 2 days and you can tell by her txt’s back to me.  The woman is usually in bed by 8 pm, so this is just killing her.  So my hope and prayer for her, is to not end up in the bed next to him!

Tomorrow is the Farmers market.  It’s getting awfully small.  There isn’t much more they can offer I would imagine, but we like to get out anyway.  With the weeks passing as fast as they are, we’re having a hard time using what we buy.  It’s hard to believe it’s already been 3 months and we only have about 6 more to go.  It will be over before we even know what hit us and we’ll be on to our next adventure.


Any thoughts?

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