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Mails here! November 14, 2010

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Even when it was just the first-born and I (well, and the hubby of course), the mail was always the excitement of the day for us.  Sad, I know.  But when you’re a SAHM, you have to take it where you can get it.  And still, even with all four of the boys and I (and still the hubby of course), the mail still seems to bring a certain amount of excitement to us.  Still sad, yes, I know.  I especially love it when packages show up.  Today I got two – BONUS!  I know, it just keeps getting even more sad.

This morning, when we returned from the Farmers market, the wire for the necklaces had shown up.  5 feet of silver wire, for some reason I was expecting a lot more wire to that 5 feet than there really is; especially at the price I had to buy it for.

Later in the day, after a failed attempt at a nap, causing me to be in less than a stellar mood, I found my yarn for Christmas presents in the mail box.  NICE!

I’ve started one of the scarves, well, I’ve almost finished one of the scarves.  I paid money for a pattern that says cast on 60 st, knit 240 rows of  St st.  I paid money for that??  Oh well, it wasn’t expensive.  Just made me laugh.

I also finally picked out the lining for my suit, haven’t picked out the pattern yet, but the lining I have.  I also wanted to get my money’s worth for the shipping, so I ordered some extra fabric for a shirt too.  That I’ve picked out a pattern for.

I dug out the boys’ parachute.  It kept them busy for hours playing all sorts of various games, and I let them keep it up, so it should keep them busy for many more hours tomorrow.  While digging I found more of the hubby’s clothes, and he makes fun of me!  So, more trips to Goodwill it sounds like.


Any thoughts?

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