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I just want it done.. November 15, 2010

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Sunday in our house is chore day.  We take Saturday as our day to relax, make our mess all day and then clean on Sunday.  Seems to make sense; that is until I can’t get any of the boys to do their chores!  With this little tiny house, it usually only takes them about an hour at the most, today I threw in an extra choir, which apparently, caused mass confusion on the part of my off-spring.  I asked them to take their toys out of some broken steamer trunks, and put them into some new storage containers.  This took them about 2 hours, not because they were playing, fighting or confused, or had to many toys, but because they had to come in and ask me about every toy.  “Should we save this one?”  “Can we sell this one?”  “Do you want us to keep this one?”  OMG’sh!  I just want the extra room in the garage!  I think when my face began to turn red, they caught on that it was time to get a move on.

I made an honest attempt at church this morning, even woke up early for it.  I remembered this morning that I hadn’t found it on base yet, so I went to look it up.  That’s when I found out the schedule I had found was for a base in CA… *Ahh* I can’t stand their website!  So, I’m just going to drive over to the base this week, find the chapel and then find a Chaplin so he can give me the correct time.  Just crazy I tell you!

After the boys’ were done with their chores, they made an immediate b-line outside.  I will say, that parachute has paid for its self twice over.  It used to hang in the oldest two’s room, along with their hammocks.  But since we’re renting AND there is a ceiling fan in their room, a parachute ceiling isn’t the smartest or easiest thing to pull off.  So, instead, we use it as a toy and it seems to be working wonders.  The boys played in it for about 6 hours today (minus their cleaning time), it was great and they got their weekly dose of Vit. D.

While the boys did their chores and played outside I went through all of my patterns (close to probably 1000) and yet, the pants I want to make elude me.  Hmmm – I guess I know what I’m doing tomorrow, along with bills and harassing the borough.  I think I’m going to try a new company, since I have most of the usual ones. 

I finished Granny’s scarf tonight.  I added the extra “lace” edge to spice it up a bit.  Otherwise it’s just a scarf and she has plenty of those.  I’ll start on my MIL’s tomorrow.  I’m not looking forward to this pattern.  It’s more St st, but more stitches and more rows, *snore*!  But they are pretty and they are warm, but they are a bit scratchy.  I guess that would be a big “DUH”, when you use Mohair.

No news on my dad.  I’m going to assume that’s a good thing, only because I don’t want to think about everything that could be going wrong.


Any thoughts?

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