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BROKEN November 16, 2010

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There is a very good reason for my lack of posting last night – the internet went down.  It tends to do that around midnight 2 – 3 nights a week.  Very irritating!  Although, it’s not like I had a tremendous amount to say anyway.

Swim lessons went well yesterday and we learned two new “swim lessons” lessons.  1) Men should never, EVER, wear white swim trunks, EVER!  And 2) Elderly ladies trying to be modest by wearing a shirt in the pool, should also wear a swim suit instead of their white bra underneath.  Hmm – yeah, it was an interesting day.

We have an appt. for Thursday at 1o for the inspection for the C/O.  Yeah… can’t wait.  I’m going with the “glass is half full, but has a leak in it” on this one. 

I am still looking for the pattern for my pants.  I can’t seem to find just the right one that I want; very frustrating.  But, I can’t start sewing anyway until my lining shows up.  That gives me time to finish up my MIL’s shawl.  80 st 300 rows of St st – Bleck!  But I’ll add some crocheted lace to the ends and make it all look fancy and pretty.  I wanted to take my stockings to swim lessons yesterday, but when I went to pick up the bag they were in I realized the pattern was missing.  The project that I had been working on for two years, off and on, and I can’t find the pattern!  I took a breather, went with out it and when we got home I had the fourth-born look under the couch, near my knitting basket and he found it.  FEW!  Good job #4!

The first-born made a great lentil soup today.  I didn’t like the sausages in it, but once I got those picked out, it was really good and will be really good tomorrow for lunch too.

My dad went home, which is good.  He’ll be having some follow-up surgery most likely.  Now the key is to keep him out of the field for as long as possible – which is a near futile task.

We’re finally getting some fall like weather.  Wonderful blustery days, the occasional sprinkle of rain and the great smell of fall.  It feels so good.  It’s still 70*, but it’s still beautiful out.  The boys have been enjoying the wind blowing up their parachute.  They have to take it down when it rains, but it’s worth it to them to set it up and take it down each time.

It’s been a calm, quiet last two days.  It’s nice, I’ll take it.  Now, if I could just get that pattern picked out?


Any thoughts?

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