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Has it been the 17th all day? November 18, 2010

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For the life of me, I could have sworn it was the 16th all day?  At least that’s what I wrote on all the checks and paperwork I did today, Whoops!  That might explain a lot about my day?

We started off with a call from the swim instructor saying she was sick and couldn’t make it today; works for me!  The boys were a little disappointed, but they want her well again, so they entertained themselves in other ways.  Bring out the parachute!  I can only imagine what the neighbors think when the wind blows this giant, green, billowy bubble up above the fence line and then hear a bunch of boys yelling at the top of their lungs in excitement!  Aren’t you glad you’re not one of our neighbors!!  The Oly Monster likes it too, she’ll run up underneath it when it get’s real high and then as it comes back down, she bolts from it like it’s going to eat her. 

Tonight was KN, I attended again through txting.  I spent most of it working out though.  I gain my usual “freshman 15″ at the beginning of every move, but this one was the first time I could actually feel my stomach jiggle when I walked.  Nope!  It aint gonna happen!  So, off it goes.  Especially if were moving so quickly.  Usually I gain the 10 – 15 lbs the first year and take it off the second, but we’re only here for about 9 months, so I was afraid it would double up and add an extra 20 – 30 lbs… on my 4′ 11” frame – EW!  It’s all good though, I like working out, am in a better mood when I do and feel better too.  I would rather get my work out from doing actual work, but in a rental, during the winter, there isn’t much yard work, so I’m outta luck; at least until I get my little farm.  *grin*

My dad is home, but I can’t get him on the phone.  The darn fax machine has been going all day.  My brother and sister are able to get in touch with him, so at least I know he’s doing alright.  Just wish I could give him a big hug and let him watch his grandson’s play.  He loves to watch them be little boys!  Well, I suppose if we get stationed at home, I’ll get that chance.

I’ve gotten much farther on the shawl.  I only have about 100 or so more rows to go.  I would know the count better if the boys would stop playing with my counter, I think I’m pretty close to the actual count though.  I should be done tomorrow.  I think I might have a good amount left over too, so I might get a skinny scarf out of it for me – BONUS!

Ok – I think I’ve FINALLY picked out the pattern for my “suit”.  It’s not the one I was picturing, but I do think it will look good on me and I think I might get more wear out of it than an actual suite?  I was trying to go with a pattern company other than the big 4, but I don’t like the new Burda site and some of the lesser known makers just don’t float my boat.  But I’ll keep looking around for some new patterns to collect.  As for the pattern I went with; it’s Simplicity 2476I’m making the jumpsuit, I think the vest is ugly, the shirt and little jacket are fine. I’m not sure about the other pants though?  Since it is Simplicity, meaning very simple, I’m going to add a few extra’s to make it look more finished. I think it will look nice with the stripes, hopefully they’ll make me look taller (hey, I said TALLER, not tall) and skinny.  We’ll see?  I have heels now to go with it, not that I can walk in them, but I can at least sit and look all fashionable.

Tomorrow at 10 am is when our inspection happens for the house.  I wish it were for a sale, but we can’t have everything we want.  So, I’ll be nervous all day tomorrow.  Hopefully I can keep myself distracted so I don’t get grouchy with the boys while I’m waiting.

We will see how tomorrow goes!


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