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Me, stress? Never! :| November 19, 2010

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I swore to myself that I wouldn’t stress today.  Yeah, that went over well.  I was doing pretty well, waiting for the borough to give us the “yeah or nay” for renting out the house, that is until the ortho apt. that lasted for hours, and I mean HOURS!  That’s when I think I heard the “snap”, really, I think I seriously heard it!  I was sitting there, still trying to get a hold of my dad and it was going on the second of the 2 1/2 hours ortho apt and I still hadn’t heard back about the house and “SHPROING” – it happened!

Granted, I got a LOT of knitting done in that time, on their very uncomfortable chairs.  I caught up on the news, and I haven’t got to watch real t.v. in 3 months, so that was kind of nice, but at a certain point, stress and frustration takes over.  There is no amount of knitting or sewing therapy that can curtail this from happening.  But, please don’t worry, I didn’t go “postal”, I went home, took a shower, gathered myself together and vented on FB, as any normal person would do.

As for my knitting, I only have 57 more rows to go – yeah, you’d think I’d be done, but it was really cold in there and my fingers stopped working at a certain point.  But it looks good!  I don’t want to start cutting the pattern until I get the lining and shirt material.  You should see me waiting; as every package shows up at the door, I squeal “Ooh – It’s my material!”  And it ends up being fishing poles for the boys?

I still can’t get my dad on the phone, all I get is the fax machine.  *SIGH*  This sucks…  But, my brother and sister let him know I’m trying, so at least he knows.

The first-born has been making some pretty tasty dinners.  He made a great stew the other night.  Tomorrow he’s making pork and beans from scratch – TASTY!  He made cookies last night too, but my favorite part of the cookies is the cookie dough when it’s just the sugar and butter.  I know, it’s just wrong, but it’s so yummy!  How am I not 200 pounds?

We did get strangely, good news on the house.  It somewhat passed inspection.  They can’t determine if we need a fire escape or not?  Funny how we could buy it with out one, but renters need one?  I just don’t understand all these rules; I don’t think THEY understand all these rules.  Frankly, I think they make UP all these rules willy-nilly like kids on a playground, just to mess with people’s heads?  I can’t wait to get back to some sort of reality, where the home I own, is my own and I can do with it as I please.  But for now, I’ll be a landlord in “crazyville”.  *BLECK*

Sorry – no pics today, they would scare you.


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