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A gosh darn productive day! November 20, 2010

As my first-born says “I love the weekend – it’s like a holiday, every week!”  I think he’s on to something there?  And Friday is the gateway; spurring me on to get all sorts of things done, and I did.

After my disappointment last night with his dental appointment and missing my other appointment, I groused for the rest of the night and decided to make the most of the day when I woke up.  The boys did well on their schoolwork, they didn’t beat each other up to many times.  (What – you thought homeschooled kids didn’t behave like “normal” kids?  BAH!)  I got to my appointment today and met a very nice, fellow Navy wife.  She’s only the second or third, and I think I liked her the most?  We laughed together about the fact that she was in sweats at 5 pm, since her hubby was deployed.  Sounds fair to me!  No shaving, no getting dressed unless you HAVE to, pretty much just being a mom and not a wife until he get’s back.  Yup, sounds about right.

I also managed to get to the second-borns store for his rice syrup.  I have to make marshmallow’s for his cranberry salad.  They don’t have his kind anywhere near here.  His marshmallow’s are a great off white color and I actually prefer the taste of his.  The homemade just don’t work as well in the salad though, but he agree’s, these are better than nothing!  I also use the homemade marshmallows to make him his own “Peeps” with colored sugar and different shapes.  The don’t turn out pretty well!  Mmmm – I’m hungry for cranberry salad now.

I ALSO got the MIL’s shawl done.  The crochet pattern that was given confused me, so I made up my own.  It’s not perfect, but it looks good and I can’t imagine anyone inspecting that close.  If they do, they have issues?  And I have 1 1/2 balls of yarn left for me – YAY!  I’m making the cowl with the blue and a very skinny scarf with the”Coral”.

I’m still waiting on my lining fabric, so I decided to pull out a UFO.  A friend of ours from up north that helped us out so many times, would often bring me odd sewing items to work on that I wouldn’t have the opportunity to work on normally.  Real fur coats, worth several thousands, that I relined.  I loved those – they were gorgeous and felt fabulous.  The also brought in a wet suit, several leather items and even a sail.  That’s the UFO that I’ll be working on.  The wife wanted a shower curtain made of the old sail.  I already made the husband a firewood carrier out of it and I’ve been trying to get the shower curtain done while all my machine were busting and we were moving and I had probably 30 projects going at once.  (See, you’all thought I never really sewed!)  Now, I have plenty of free time, so I thought I would pull it out to work on it.  I just have to find my hair pins?  You can’t pin it with regular pins; the “fabric” bends the pins and they leaves holes, so I use the alligator style hair clasps to hold the hem.  I can’t wait to ship it to them, so they know I’m still thinking of them!

Still haven’t gotten a hold of my dad – stupid fax machine!  And my first-borns poor mouth is torturing him.  I know exactly how he feels and it sucks as the parent because I feel like I’m doing it to him!  It’s for his own good, it’s for his own good, it’s for his own good…..

Tomorrow is the Farmers Market; yes, it’s still going on down here.  They tell me it goes on until December.  I believe it!  It was 70*+ here today (although, there were people at Wallyworld in hats, scarves and gloves – I kid you not!)  But I intend on taking it easy for the rest of the day.  I may finally work on the fourth-borns bed; I held off because I wanted to punish him a little longer for busting it.  But I can’t take it anymore watching him all curled up in a ball on the floor.  Granted, he’d be curled up in a ball on his bed if it weren’t broken AND he spent several weeks on the floor during the move, as did we all, but somehow this time it’s different?  So, I guess it’s time to fix it.  I’m making him help – we’ll see how it goes?


Any thoughts?

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