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Up late again November 21, 2010

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Here I am, up late again.  Tired, wanting to go to sleep, but just can’t.  Whether it’s due to worrying, trying to get things done, or just can’t sleep; I always seem to be up late.  One of these times it’s just going to hit me and I’ll start going to bed early – I hope?

Today was a wonderfully relaxing day.  Woke up at a decent time, went to the Farmers Market with the three youngest, chatted with the honey stand couple for a bit, while we waited for the “grog” to warm.  Off to get our coffee and home for two, yes count em’, two naps!  NICE! 

I worked a little on my cowl about 30 rows or so.  I had to go to Wallyworld and did I mention it was a full moon?  It was, as always, a very interesting trip.  30 minutes just to return a Redbox movie?  A 300 pound man blocking the entire isle?  If I could have only gotten my camera out fast enough….

The hubby made a great chicken soup (in spite of the carrots) and it’s nearly gone now.  I just want to know why when he makes it, it tastes good and when I make it, it’s just what mom makes?  I’ll probably never know (or maybe I don’t want to know?).

The boys played outside most of the day, it was so quiet in the house.  Bionicles reigned the backyard!  I got fishing line at Wallyworld to go in their new fishing poles the grandparents sent.  They were pretty excited.  I guess I know what we’re doing tomorrow afternoon.

We won’t be going to church again this week.  I managed to forget all week to go and hunt it down on base.  My fault, I admit it.  I guess we’ll be attending the church of Blankenship again this week.  It’s a good church, a little loud, but it has great worship music.  The staff is a little crazy, but then aren’t we all.  It should be another good service.


Any thoughts?

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