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Ah – Dang it! November 22, 2010

I was able to get plenty of work done today.  But won’t be able to share any of it with you, until hopefully tomorrow, when I can fix my camera.  The lens won’t open!  Which means I can show you the photo’s I’ve already taken, but not any new ones.  So the projects would be incomplete – and I hate ending things half way through!

So, I’ll just let you know what I did today and share the photo’s *hopefully* tomorrow.

After sleeping in as late as possible, since I still don’t know where the Chapel on base is, or what time the services are.  It was chore day, and the boys did their jobs quickly.  Looking at it later in the day, a little TOO quickly!  But there is always tomorrow.  The hubby and I left them to their tasks and headed to Wallyworld.  Always interesting!  And I won’t be going back until after Thanksgiving.  CRAZY!

I was all geared up do get things done when we got home, so I pulled out the fourth-borns bed parts and realized that the guy at the hardware store sold me the wrong bits for the job.  Frankly, I had a very strong suspicion when I bought them, but when I was looking at it closer today, I knew for sure.  So I headed back and another gentleman that seemed to know a bit more, showed me the same ones that I had shown the other guy and this guy said I was right.  So There!  Explain to me why one drill bit costs $18, but the whole set of 20 costs $40?  So I bought the whole set – you can’t have to many tools you know! 

The boys wound their line on to their fishing poles…. let me rephrase that, the first-born, the hubby and I wound the line on to the boys’ fishing poles today.  That was “fun”.  But it’s done, and now they all want to go fishing, NOW!  Ooh – darn it!  I have a great picture of the boys feeding our guests today.  Two of the local duck couples spotted the first-born and waddled their way over to our yard hoping for a snack.  Smart choice – the boys feed them almost a whole loaf of stale bread they had saved up.  Happy ducks – happy boys!

So while my drill was charging, I put some things in the attic; took my tools out of boxes and put them in their new tubs and made my horrible, horrible dinner.  In my defense, the meat turned out perfect and I WAS doing like, 12 different things.  But still, it’s a crock pot meal?  What the heck is the matter with me?  The hubby has vowed to buy me a crock pot cook book specially made for the spastic.

Once I got dinner out of the way, and was done listening to the complaints, I finished off my cowl (pictures tomorrow).  I have 15 oz of the yarn left, not enough to even make a skinny scarf, but too much to just throw away.  So I have the choice of buying more yarn to make something else and using that yarn to finish off a skinny scarf, or sending the remnants to a girlfriend up north who is still trying to find her “craftiness” at KN.  We’ll see who wins on that one?

Once I wrangled the boys into bed and after my work-out (no more mashed potato stomach, you know!), I started my work on the shower curtain (again, pictures tomorrow).   I will put the grommets in tomorrow too.  That requires a mallet and am looking a little to forward to it?  Although, I’ll have to wait until after swim lessons.  Their teacher is feeling better, so they get to finish up this week.

We are getting everything ready for Thanksgiving.  It was easier last year when there were so many markets that carried the second-borns food.  This year, we’re going to have to get more creative.  At least Costco carried a ham he could eat.  Why does ham need corn syrup?  Anyway, I asked the hubby if there was an adopt a sailor/marine program?  While we were discussing it, it dawned on me that, that poor sailor/marine would HATE our house.  No t.v., bad cooking, and tons of noise.  Yeah, they’d be better off at the chow hall and the rec. room.  We’ll have to work on our entertainment options.

I hope to have some photo’s for you’all tomorrow.  If not, I may have to color something and post that.


Any thoughts?

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