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It could have been worse? November 23, 2010

I got to sleep in today by 5 minutes – I’ll take it!  After making my chai (oh caffeine, I do miss you so!) I sat down with the boys to start school work.  It all started so normal – that’s when it started to go wrong….

You don’t hear me talk much about the third-born.  My quiet, very goofy, very loving, very smart and creative, third son.  My husband’s mini-me and my cuddle bug – picture Winnie the Pooh crossed with the hubby.  He’s built like a tank and cuddles like a rhino.  He’s often forgotten, but holds a special place in my heart.  The poor kiddo, hands me his laptop this morning and, for the fourth time, it’s broken.  Through no fault of his own, it decided to die.  His brothers take far worse care of their laptops, and have yet to have problems.  First checking the net for an easy fix, “Take it to your local fix it shop and they’ll easily take care of it for you”, Um yeah!  I take it in and they get a grey look on their face.  “We’ll have to send it in.”  Ok, sure, why not.  The poor kid has lost more school work this way!  But, on  the brighter side, we have warranties on all of them, so we don’t have to pay.  And no, I won’t make him start the year over.  We’ll just start where he left off.

The house we’re renting has a glass cooktop “easy clean” my dairy-air!  This is the second one we’ve had and their not easy clean, they take more time than any other stove top we’ve had.  The stove top is also very difficult to detect when it’s still hot.  There is a little light at the top of the stove, but the actual stove looks the same.  The third-born was putting dishes away, his usual daily chore, when he put his hand on one of the burners to put something away.  The burner was left on from earlier, but was black, instead of red, and burned his whole hand.  It wasn’t emergency room bad, but bad enough to milk it for a while.  I made the child that left the burner on, do the dishes for him, for the rest of the day.  Seems fair!

So, my day was spent between the computer geek store, paperwork/bills and swim lessons.  So no wood working, very little knitting – but, BUT, my fabric showed up today -*Happy Dance*!  I do have pictures from yesterday now though.  We glued the camera shutter open, I’d show a picture, but that would be a little tough?

I don't remember ordering the red?



The middle one is blue, not white.

While all my friends out west are enjoying some snow; unusual for their parts, and up north is getting some cold weather, we’re having 80*+ days.  I’m trying to enjoy, going out to run errands in shorts and a tank top in November, really I am.  I just really enjoy having 4 seasons.  Granted, we had that up north, it just isn’t worth the crazies.  Frankly, if it weren’t for the crazies up there, I’d think of settling down there.  So, dreams of the west are still floating through my mind; maybe no less crazies, just my kind of crazies.

Yesterday I worked on the shower curtain.  I have the pics of what I’ve done so far here.

All the sides done, except the top.

Trying to fit a shower curtain through my little space.

First pass, at 2".Second pass at 3".

Third pass, also 3".

 The sewing matching did not appreciate the third pass.  I went over each side, once with a zig-zag and then again with a straight stitch.  The zig-zag is for looks only since it had a hard time staying in.  My machine is not equipped for industrial material, but did a great job trying!  I hope to finish it tomorrow, setting in the grommets and sending it off as a Christmas gift.  Ironic, since they gave me the sail last year at this time?  No one said I was fast…

I also finished my cowl yesterday, the boys have been having a great time with it.  I also noticed that I don’t have anything to wear it with.  Guess I’ll need a whole new outfit for it!


I hope to have pics of my woodworking skills tomorrow and a child back in his bed!


Any thoughts?

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