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Long, long, long day November 24, 2010

We were scheduled with the fire marshal at 4 pm, to see if the house needed a fire escape.  That makes for a very looooong day.  Not to mention, the boys were very active and I was just not “feeling” the day.

The third-born won’t have regular school work for a while, so he’s been getting the other boys all riled, not to mention the up coming 4 day weekend and they’re favorite – FOOD!  They all got their work done in record time and then headed out doors thank goodness.  I was actually able to get the kitchen cleaned up too.  The second-born was pointing out that they won’t get to watch the Macy’s parade this year, I’m feeling a little remorseful over this.  It’s such a small thing, that seems to make the holiday better for him and it will be gone.  It is however, for just one year.  Maybe being able to play outside in 80* weather on Thanksgiving will make him feel better?

I worked on the last stalking a bit more today, it shouldn’t take me much longer before I have two completed stockings, that I’ll never wear anywhere, but they’ll look very pretty in my drawer.  They aren’t perfect and the yarn was bit to thick for them.  The next ones should be perfect however!

I broke down and went to get my favorite mashed potato’s.  I asked for the 2 piece meal, extra crispy (but frankly, I could care less about the chicken, I just want the sides – next time that’s all I’m ordering) I wanted the small side to be coleslaw and a large order of mashed potato’s.  What I got was grilled chicken, with a small order of mashed potato’s, with a spit of gravy on there.  Hmmm – ruined the whole purpose of my outing!

I had to make the second-borns marshmallows, for his cranberry salad, tonight.  They’re supposed to be easy to make, but I’ve only had them turn out great once. And this wasn’t it.  That darn Alton Brown, making me think I could pull it off!  They’ll work, but they aren’t pretty!  I was going to share photo’s, but no one wants to see my marshmallow blobs.  Tomorrow I get to try to make him whipped cream from Almond milk – this should be interesting?  If it doesn’t turn out to gross, I’ll share some photo’s of his rice syrup marshmallow’s and Almond milk whipped cream, doesn’t it just sound tasty?

As I finished, I turned and noticed the dishwasher not running.  I checked and realized it wasn’t working.  The water came in through the bottom and then drained back out – but it didn’t wash.   After checking it’s symptoms via the internet, I realize that it will need a new motor.  I’m guessing that isn’t a one day fix it.  The pile of dishes it’s left, is rather scary and deep.  I have a feeling I’ll have an extra project tomorrow.  At least the kid that own’s the place has a warranty on the appliances, so he won’t have to pay for it right before the holidays.  I’d feel terrible!

And, as for the fire marshal, he said – we DO NOT need a fire escape!  The realtor txted and told us about 4:45.  He said it would have set us back 15k.  Well, it wouldn’t have because I would have given up the house first.  We don’t have that kind of money anymore; the house sucked it all out of us.  So what does all this mean?  After the holiday, barring any oddness from the borough, we should have our C/O and we can get our renter in there.  Only time will tell.

I’m hoping for a relatively calm day tomorrow before the holiday, we’ll see?


Any thoughts?

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