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Schoolwork? What schoolwork? November 25, 2010

Today was a day of freelance, open learning.  Not our usual, sit down with our laptops and get the assignments done, but more of a, let’s see what we can fit in for the day.  With the boys’ swim lessons at 10 am instead fo 3 pm, our schedule was a bit thrown off.  We woke sleeping beauty aka, the first-born right before we left and he managed to snarl and growl his way through his last lesson.  This would be our lesson on physical fitness.  Poor woman – I offered to hold him down if she’d be the look out, but alas, we both decided we like him too much and let him see another day.  So that was our lesson on buoyancy.  Later, a lesson in biology, when we found a lizard in the pool area.  Also a lesson on chemistry when we watched the girl chlorinate the pool and some health when mom got sick from the girl putting to much in, causing dizziness and difficult breathing.  No worries.  I had a lesson on nature and sat outside for a while.

When we got home, we had a lesson on keeping house, when the boys (and I’m very proud of this) did a dishwasher and two full counter’s of dishes, without complaining or arguing.  They didn’t take forever and didn’t make a huge mess – NICE!  During this lesson on keeping house, we had a physics lesson, when a ramekin got caught in the opening of the garbage disposal.  Having one of the boys retrieve the plunger, I then proceeded to plunge the opposite side of the sink, launching the dish several feet in the air (I have a strange feeling this will be happening frequently now).

On to sharing; the in-laws sent a care package for Thanksgiving with all the boys’ (including the big boys) favorites.  Jam, but only three, so they have to share; beef jerky, that even the second-born can have and candy that they had to split, including doling out the candy to dad for this “daddy tax” before he even got home.

Later, we had our lesson on cooking and history, when we made my families traditional dish, Cranberry salad (pics coming tomorrow).  All the boys helped out – they look forward to it every year for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  And finally, time management.  How many movies can they fit in before bedtime.

So see, even on days when you just don’t have time to sit down, you have time to fit in a lesson plan! 

As for fitting in some sort of textile lessons; that’s all for me!  I am almost finished with my stocking, which means I can move on to something new, very soon.  I caught myself eyeballing more material and some new yarn, but I think I’ll behave until after Christmas.

Since I won’t be here until after most of the day has gone by – HAPPY THANKSGIVING!


Any thoughts?

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