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We’re having ham, thanks. November 26, 2010

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I think we were the only people in the U.S. to have ham this year for Thanksgiving.  Everyone we talked to about their meal plan paused and asked again.  “You’re having ham?”  I’m not sure why this was so strange, but I guess it doesn’t matter, it tasted good.

The boys were excellent with helping out.  I started about 10:30-11:00 this morning and had planned on having the meal out by 3, but per usual my cooking skills, it was done at 5.  But again, it tasted good.

We rented “A Christmas Carol” tonight; the new CG one.  It was pretty odd, the boys liked it, but I have a strong feeling the fourth-born will be waking me up for the next few nights – that is, if he’s wants to brave the dark of our room? 

It will be nice to have a day completely off, nowhere to be, or anything to do.  I’ll be working on my stockings.  Yes…. I said stocking(s), plural.  After getting nearly finished with what I thought was my last, I realized I made a HUGE mistake on the first one, that isn’t hidable or dealable.  It’s major, so I have to frog it up to where I had started it last and rework it.  At least now I have the pattern down again, so it’s going faster.  I think I want to start cutting on my new outfit tomorrow too?  I need to find “Betty” (my body form) though.  I have three, “Betty”, “Wilma” and “Suzie”; “Betty’s my size, well, at least for a while longer.

I wish I had  a little more excitement, but it was a nice “relaxing” day of cooking.  I hope everyone else had a nice Thanksgiving also.


Any thoughts?

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