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I only dust when I move November 28, 2010

Chore day!  The day the hubby and I celebrate and wait all week for.  Except today, WE had chores to do.  That makes for a different story.  The hubby and I had to dust the fans and oddly enough, the walls?  I normally don’t dust until we move, but this was particularly troublesome.

I was also able to start work on the fourth-borns bed.  I have all the holes drilled, now I need to put the other piece of wood on it and stain it.  The boy might have his bed back by next weekend.  I’m wondering if he’ll want it back once he realizes he’ll have to change the sheet again?

I didn’t get much work done on my stocking or sewing.  It’s so difficult with the table outside, but I really want to get sewing again.  It makes me feel more normal.  I should probably work on some cooler weather shirts though.  It finally cooled down here a bit.  They gave a freezing warning last night, but it still got up to 70* today.

We were able to make our grocery shopping trip.  Always interesting!  How DOES one go to church and then Wallyworld in stiletto heals?  Good entertainment though!  After more than 30 minutes of looking for watch batteries and light bulbs, the hubby and I were on the verge of giving up.  But at the last moment, all was saved.

And then a trip to the geek store to check out new flat screens.  They are nice and shiny and I admit it would be nice.  I just can’t see, buying a new one, when our’s is still working.  I do, however, foresee a broken t.v. in the very near future.  Hahaha!  I can’t blame them for trying!


Any thoughts?

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