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What to do with a Saturday? November 28, 2010

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Ah Saturday!  A day to sleep in, relax, go to the Farmer’s Market and tootle.  I like that word, tootle.  Just doing things as you please, no rhyme or reason.  That’s what a day off is supposed to be.

I watched the boys turn my cutting table into a fort.  Fun to watch, but makes cutting out patterns tough.  And the cat sat on my yarn, which makes knitting tough, so the hubby and I went to a movie, which also gave the first-born an opportunity to earn $5 for babysitting for a game he wanted.  Everyone wins.  Megamind was very cute.  I have, however, surmised that movies are approximately 2 minutes to long, because I alway have to go to the bathroom about 2 minutes before it ends.  The hubby offered to buy me some depends for the next movie – I passed, although, that would solve the whole, cold in the movie theater issue!

I got home and my super efficient, super boys, put my cutting table back outside, which also makes cutting patterns tough.  So tonight I’ll work on my stockings and tomorrow when they go to bed, pattern cutting time.

The Farmer’s Market was very small today.  No honey stand lady, jam dude, or squash folk.  But we got our onions, apples and peanuts.  We also got to meet a Great Dane.  He was no Oly Monster, but boy did we fall in love with him.  That will be our next dog for sure.  Gorgeous, just gorgeous!  (Still no Oly Monster though!)  As for the old lady dog, you just can’t top her!  *Giggle*

We went to one of my favorite stores today, and I actually saw someone I knew.  I love it when that happens.  And as much as we move, it doesn’t happen very often.  I almost jumped the center display to say “HI”, but that would make me sort of crazy and we don’t want that secret out already!

It’s starting to cool down.  I’m a bit shocked, but it is.  I actually had to wear pants today!  The boys still played outside and we still took a walk in just our sweatshirts.  The girls had a blast and the two boys that went with me argued the whole way.  I do have to say, for people with small dogs; just because they’re little, doesn’t mean they don’t need to be leashed or tethered.  They can still run out into traffic or chase big dogs like ours and get stepped on, and then whose fault is it when they get hurt?  Ours of course, because we have big dogs, even though their on leashes.  Not theirs, because they can’t seem to keep them where they belong?  Oh, I take issue with little dog owners.  Not the dogs, the owners! 

Ok, I’m done.

It was a good day, entirely to short.  I need another day off for my four-day weekend.  Tomorrow is chore day, so we have to actually, *GASP*, do work.  Bleck!


Any thoughts?

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