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Just a little excitement please… November 30, 2010

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I wouldn’t mind a little excitement?  Not the “Your house has blown up and your being sued” kind of excitement, but the “You’ve won the lottery” or ” Come to our party” kind of excitement.  I’m growing rather weary of the daily grind; the constant doldrums of arguing with the borough and paying bills.  Hmmm – I think I  need to get into some sort of trouble?

I’ll be working on my patterns tonight for a short while.  I hope to work on them tomorrow if my very efficient boys don’t put the table outside for me again.  *Grin*  I was less than two inches from being done on my final stocking, when I realized the pattern wasn’t matching up correctly.  Because it’s an older pattern, there isn’t a stitch count, so I measured it up to the first one, and yup, lo-and-behold, it was about and inch wider than the first!  *UUUHHHGGG*  So, frogged again, to nearly where I started at the beginning of the weekend.  I’m past disliking this stocking and now on to loathing it.  I just want it DONE! 

As for “That house”, we’re finally getting somewhere.  The man who was “supposed” to be giving us our C/O has been asked to take administrative leave.  I’d like to say I’m bummed for him, but I’m not.  I’m really not.  I know it’s mean, but it’s passed time.  So now they said they’re working extra hard to get the paperwork done.  But after all we’ve been through with them, I’m not holding my breath.

The Oly Monster had an appointment today.  Always entertaining – the poor thing was scared to death.  150 pound dog and she’s quivering and shaking; at one point she got startled and jumped into my lap!  The vet was great, allowing us to have her appointment outside.  She doesn’t feel so trapped outside; besides, if she piddles (or more) outside, it’s easier to clean.  It worked great!  She stayed calm, didn’t even notice she was getting her shots, or blood taken and even calmed down about the vet.  I really appreciated the vet doing that for us, it will make her future appointments go much smoother; I might even be able to get her to come through the door!  Plus, he gave us some great idea’s on how to get her to stop lunging at other dogs in an attempt to play – the ding-dong!  She’ll run up to the other dog, full-bore, fur raised, stop and roll over; but not before scaring the pants off the other dog owner.  I’d be scared too!  So, we’ve got some work to do with her.

We got our first Christmas present.  The hubby’s brother always sends us meat for the holidays and we ALWAYS enjoy it.  A house full of boys….  the second-born can’t eat a lot of it, ironic I know, since it’s meat.  But, we only have to buy his now, instead of for all of us.  Mmmm – food is always a good gift!  We’re thinking of sending them a Wine Basket?  It’s food, for fancy people!

So, tomorrow, I’m going to work on patterns (I hope), and try a new recipe (I hope), and wait for a little quiet, calm, non-expensive excitement (I hope).


Any thoughts?

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