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Here’s to a little more excitement! December 1, 2010

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Hey, for once I asked for a little more excitement, the good kind, and got it.  Nice, calm, quiet, non expensive excitement. 

We now officially, half-way have a renters.  The borough is allowing the renters to move in, even though the borough doesn’t  have the paperwork done yet, due to the last person inability to do their job.  They started moving in tonight; I’m still not sure how I feel about being a landlord?  We’ll see how this goes?

That was a lot of phone calling and back and forth.  No bill paying, at least for today.

I also finally got a hold of my dad.  It’s been five years.  It was VERY nice to hear his voice again.  Finally getting through, was a very nice surprise too.  He’s getting better, slowly.  I told him he’s been spending all this time there, since he’s never been before, he making up for it now.

My "assistants"

I was able to start work on my patterns tonight.  In spite of a cat lounging on my workspace and my “assistants” helping me.  I’ll get the second pattern traced tomorrow and a little more work on the stocking (stupid stocking).  I finally found where it’s starts to go wrong and should be fixed tomorrow.  Or at least I hope it will be, or it’s going back into time-out!

See, I do work

It was beautiful and rainy today; picked my spirit up a little.  It was warm out too.  I love warm rain.  Cold rain is nice and cozy, especially if you have a fireplace, but without one, warm rain is perfect.

Dinner was decent, with Fried onion covered chicken.  I cooked them right this time.  I was very proud of myself – followed the directions and everything.

Ah – I can go to bed tonight, satisfied.


Any thoughts?

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