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IS ANYONE LISTENING? December 2, 2010

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I spend all day long with my off-sprung.  And, in general, I love it.  They drive me batty, ask a million strange questions when they’re supposed to be doing something else and frequently make strange noises in the successful attempt to annoy everyone around them.  I can’t complain, they are pretty well-behaved.  Do a lot around the house and behave in public – and as we all know, that’s how you know you’re a good parent – HA!  But sometimes, I seriously think they have cotton in their ears! 


It’s frequently said that God whispers, so you can hear Him better.  I know it’s true, and I should try it once in a while.  Getting upset to get things done just seems so futile and exhausting.  About the time I walk into the pantry and find the canned goods set in front of the pantry, instead of on the shelves, their clothes set in front of their room, instead of put away – even though they trip over the same basket 5 times a day and then complain, or ask for the same chores to get done, for the 10th time.  Why get upset?  Does it work?  Does it solve the problem; make it go away or even make anyone feel better?  Nope!  So, just like the Lord whispers to us, instead of freaking out, like we’re so good at, I may just take His lead and freak them out, talking quietly over their craziness and see what happens?

Yup, it was that kind of day. 

Can I just say – I made a genuine, honest to goodness, good dinner tonight!  We pulled out some Filet Mignon that the BIL sent and I paid very close attention to the directions, even staying in the kitchen the entire time.  Mashed potato’s (my favorite food ever) and carrots, uncooked of course.  I made the filet’s very rare and the boys (including the big one) loved them.  The first-born was angry because I pulled him out of the kitchen and he wanted to make them, but as per the day, that’s what you get when you are being, not-so-nice!

Tonight was Knit Night, but everyone up north had to cancel, so me being in the glum mood I was, decided to opt out of working out and instead sat down to my own KN with a bowl of cookie dough and knitted for a while.  But frankly, I could only eat a about two spoonfuls before I was sugared out.  I’ll leave the rest for tomorrow; maybe make the hubby a half batch of cookies?  And while we’re discussing knitting – shouldn’t the past tense of knit be “knat”  doesn’t that make more sense?  I “knat” for a while last night?  It sounds better than knitted I think.  Hmmm?

I’ve traced a few more patterns for the night and got a little further on “the stocking”.  I’d like to be a bit further with them both, but vacation is coming up soon, so I can spend the day working on them instead of schoolwork, or so I’d like to think.

We’re all waiting for our break.  They come not quite often enough and are far to short, I think.  But, I suppose, once the boys are out of school and out of the house, I’ll miss it.  Our new tree will be showing up hopefully by the end of the week.  We’re still having a hard time getting into the spirit of the season.  It is supposed to be chilly tonight, and today, we had a cold breeze, but it’s still very warm out for December.  With out rain or snow, it just feels odd?  We’re working on it though.  Maybe some lights on the house this weekend?


Any thoughts?

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