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WTF(reaking heck)! December 3, 2010

This was a day of constant WTFr!  We all have days like this, I know.  But I seem to be having them one, on top of another lately, and frankly, I’m just getting tired of them!  Can someone else please take their turn?

My day started out pleasant.  It really did.  I had high hopes for it too.  The first-born was up before me and with out growling at any of his brothers.  The boys had all started their schoolwork, it was pleasantly chilly in the house and my tea was going.  That’s when it started….. We’ve had renters for all of two days and they called me twice this morning about the heating.  The same house we lived in for 3 years, and they’re complaining about the furnace already.  They should have been there the first year before the gas stove and new windows!  I won’t go into the details, but we’ve gotten the house from 50* with a breeze through it, to 75*, warm and toasty.  And cut the heating bill, in half.  The furnace is FINE!

I’m trying to convince myself that it’s just because it’s their first week.  Things will settle down – right?  Uhg, I’m not cut out for this! *sigh*

Things were pretty calm for a while, boys did their schoolwork.  We listened to Christmas music, yadda, yadda, yadda.  After schoolwork, they wanted me to find the Christmas movies.  So, spulunking I went, in the attic for the movies, only to discover that two stockings were missing and our tree skirt.  I also discovered a Christmas box packed with 3/4 paper, with 3 small, flat boxes at the bottom, not even breakables?  Yet no movies.  After hitting my head on the beams about 3 more times and almost falling through the opening in the attic a time or two, I did find the other two missing stockings and tree skirt in a second box; who does that?  Pack 4 stockings in one box and two in another?  Uhg – MOVERS!  *sigh*

I needed a drink – so I sent the first-born down to Wallyworld for a soda, a big one!  Oh sweet caffeine, I miss you so!

At this point it was just pure frustration.  I took a break for dinner and then set out to look again.  I literally went through every box in the garage (and attic again) to find them, I had one box left that hadn’t been opened, untaped or moved.  “Living room”, “Weights, Baskets” was on it, but there was nowhere else they could be.  And, of course, there they were, with my weights?  Makes total sense doesn’t it – weights/Christmas movies?  It’s not just that it was the last box I looked in – it’s that it was the LAST box!  I’m telling you, the movers are trying to mess with my head!  *sigh*

I got to sit down after this and chill out a bit and *YAY* start to seam up my stockings.  I’m so stinking excited to have them done!!  I got the first one seamed, went to put it on and the calf is WAY to small!  Did the women in 1940’s, not have calves?  Maybe I can block them bigger?  *sigh*

So, tonight, before I go to bed, I’m going to trace out another pattern, since I’ll have very little time this weekend to dive into my sewing.  I’m spending the weekend shopping for Christmas presents (I loathe shopping) and we have a party to go to.  It’s a white elephant with the them of ugly sweaters.  The poor hubby; he turned to one that I rather like, but the arms keep growing longer and longer, and stated “That ones pretty ugly; like that one!”  Oh dear!

I’m hoping tomorrow will be nice and quiet.  Sometime between 10 and 2 the dishwasher repair man will be showing up.  We’re looking forward to that.  Here’s to a nice quiet, uneventful day – with no phone calls!


Any thoughts?

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