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It’s Tuesday right? December 4, 2010

All week-long I thought it was Tuesday….. 

Monday – “I thought it was already Tuesday?”

Tuesday – “It’s Tuesday!”

Wednesday – “Oh No!  It’s not Tuesday?  It’s Knit Night?”

Thursday – “Oh silly – Thursday’s not teasing you yet.  It’s only Tuesday!”  “What?”

Friday – “Oh – I still have time.  It’s only…. what day is it?  Oooh.”

I don’t know if it’s staying home or having no schedule or what.  But for some reason, Tuesday was stuck in my head?

The clasps for the necklaces I make for a guy I know up north came in today, so I started work them.  We’re using a new, harder wire.  I don’t like the new wire, one bit!  It is, as I said before, HARD!  My hands are killing me and I’ve only got 5 down.  I’m stopping for the night though, there is always tomorrow.  I’m not sure there’s enough of it though and it’s super expensive; granted, I’m not paying for it in the end, but it still cuts into profit for him.  I guess we’ll figure this out after a while?

The dishwasher repair man came today.  It was the motor, just as I figured, but apparently the company doesn’t tell their repair men this, so he didn’t have the part on the truck.  So, in two weeks, we’ll get the dishwasher back.  But, in the meantime, the boys are having an entirely to good of a time washing the dishes?  I could learn to live with that!  Maybe I won’t tell them when it get’s fixed?

The new tenants didn’t call once.  But the repairman did – the tenants lost the handle to the shower already….  We found it.  As for the furnace; the pilot light went out.  Monday I have someone coming out to light it and reassure them that the heating DOES work.  Just like they did for the last three years.  But, at least things are settling down.  I have to thank the man who brought in the repairmen; not only did he get the work done, done correctly and at a price we can actually afford.  We’ve been so blessed to know so many people from there to help us out.  It’s amazing!

I haven’t gotten the second stocking seamed up yet.  I was to busy with repairmen and phone calls today to get much of anything else done.  Not to mention 2 trips to Wallyworld.  They had the giant 30 gallon storage tubs on sale for $4.  If I could have carried more, I would have bought more!  It’s so sad that, that makes me so excited.  (I may have to buy more…)

Tomorrow – we actually have a rather full day.  Odd, I know.  Farmer’s Market in the morning, buying an ugly sweater for the hubby from Goodwill for the party we have later in the evening.  That’s a pretty full day for us.  Yes, I said party!  I get to go to a party with a bunch of dentists.  Hmmm?  This should be interesting?   It’s a “white elephant” party and the theme is “Ugly Sweaters”.  We wanted to bring the “Shake Weight” but it was all sold out, hahaha!  (Oh, common’ you all know what that is!)  Our contribution will be the “Egg Cracker” .  It was a toss-up between that and a “Mustache Remover” kit for women – HA!  That would have gone over well for a bunch of military women!!

I didn’t get to work a stitch *giggle* on my sewing.  I had to buy more pattern paper and until it get’s here, I’ll have to use tissue paper.  I’ve used it before.  It works fine, it’s just not as durable and you have to tape it together all over the place.  But, it will work until the good stuff show’s up.

To top my evening off, the hubby took me to Wallyworld (for the second time) to buy me ice cream.  Something I don’t eat often, but do enjoy on occasion.  Nice!  AND the first-born emerged from his room long enough to watch a movie with his brothers and I.  Guess you could say, it was a good Tuesday….. I’m mean Friday.


Any thoughts?

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