My Blanken World

My world of boys, textiles and moving.

Good day! December 5, 2010

We had an excellent day yesterday.  Something I’ve needed for a long while.  I nice morning at the Farmers Market, getting just a few things that we probably don’t need.  The Jam stand gave the boys his last pickles of the season, free.  That was a wonderful surprise for the boys and I.  Next week is the last, and we’re thinking of sending a few of his jams to the parents for Christmas.

I got to hear of a friend at home who just delivered her 7 new bundle of joy.  A new little girl.  That makes 2 boys and 5 girls.  While I’m VERY jealous over her seventh, I’m very glad for my 4 boys.  Could you imagine being those two boys in that house!  Haha!

We lounged a bit and then worked on the fourth-borns bed.  He and I painted the wood together.  The girls sat out front with us and “helped”.  We were very proud of the Oly Monster, a girl came by with a motor scooter and she didn’t chase her.  That’s a first for her.

The boys spent majority of the day watching movies in their rooms and playing Bionicle games, felt kind of lonely.  It’s great to listen to though.  The great plots, scheming, wonderful idea’s they come up with.  It also makes me laugh – when I ask them to come up with a story for schoolwork, they draw a complete blank; not a single idea, place them in a room full of Bionicles (or, for the fourth-born, random game pieces, Bionicle parts or even a deck of playing cards) and they have an unending imagination and story lines!

I got to have some yummy Squash soup and worked on my patterns a bit before we got ready for our party with the hubby’s co-workers. 

The party was a lot more fun than I had expected for a bunch of dentists and for us being the “old fogies” there.  We’re 8 years older than majority of them, but they didn’t really pay much attention to that other than the fact that our boys are so much older and we’ve been married so much longer.  One of them works on the Air Station and is going to find out about the religious center for us.  EXCELLENT!  It was good for me for a lot of reasons, I’m very glad we went. 

We have the “Mandatory fun” party on Friday.  That one will have all the higher-ups, but I really enjoy talking with them, so it will be a good party also.

Today was a different sort of day.  I ended up hurting myself, so I spent the entire day working on a UFO (pic’s later) and ordering Christmas gifts from bed.  Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be up and moving again.  I suppose the rest was good for me.


Any thoughts?

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