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Here and there December 8, 2010

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Yup, I didn’t make it here for a few days.  I’ve been here and there, craziness as usual.  Christmas shopping added to the list of my daily tasks.  I hate shopping too, so it wasn’t even a good absence.  Although, I did get to so some of it with the hubby, so it wasn’t ALL bad.  By the time I was finished finding the cheapest site, best deal or right color, I was just to darn tired to do anything else other than sleep.  Granted, I’ve worked on a few of my projects, but that was while sitting in the dentist’s office or on hold on the phone.

Frankly – that’s just not exciting enough news to talk about.  No one wants to hear about our dental appt., well, except my hubby and his co-workers.   But I think I even talked him to death about it?

We have our new tree up; the boys loathe it however.  Spoil sports!  But the hubby and I are liking it, so at least we’re happy.

I have decided that the person who designed the hat I made for the hubby (for a second time) either has her stitch sizes wrong, or the man’s head in the picture was incredibly small.  I know my hubby has a ginormous head, but it won’t even fit on mine?  So, I give up on this pattern, especially after spending a lot of money on the second hat’s yarn.  I am getting a scarf out of the spare yarn though.  A nice bulky, green silk/wool – it feels so soft and cozy.  At least I got something to fit out of it.

I have my patterns all cut out, and ready to work on.  Well, let me rephrase that; I have the pants and jacket pattern cut out and ready to work on.  The red shirt pattern will have to wait.  It’s supposed to take 1 5/8 yards and I bought two, but being the great seamstress that I am, I didn’t pay attention to the part that said 1 5/8 of 60″ wide fabric.  Grrr – so, I’ll either be ordering some more red fabric, or just waiting for some different fabric to make it in?  But I cleaned off my sewing desk, and got my families sewing projects done and out-of-the-way, so I don’t have anything looming over my head (or sewing desk).  I need to serge the edges first, of at least the lining, since it keeps fraying.  I don’t want to end up with a little piece of fabric and a big pile of strings.  I’m sure I’ll hear objections to my serger in this tiny house, this late, but I’m sure I’d hear them during the day too, so suck it up people – mom want’s to sew!

I might get it done before we have to move next?  Can I just start moving my sewing machine in the car with us?  They have an attachment for the car don’t they?

We officially, legally have a renter now!  We’re still trying to get her social worker in to inspect so we can actually get paid, but I suppose this is all part of the process.  I just hope we don’t get stationed back up north now and have to have her leave after only a few months and working this hard.  That might make us all a little unhappy!

Tomorrow will be spent sending off packages and hiding the boys’ packages that show up.  It was so much easier when they were little and I could just tell them they were all for me!  Now I have to be all creative and what not.  Although, I did open one today that showed up and they were all so disappointed to find pattern paper in there.  Funny, I wasn’t?

I’ll leave on a good note – best trip to the geek store EVER!

I was waiting in line behind the woman being helped at the geek counter (the third-borns software came in to fix his computer) and while I was waiting, a young lady comes in behind me carrying her desktop computer, not the monitor, just the computer part.  It’s big and heavy, so the man behind the counter asks her if she wants to set it down, she of course hands it over.  He asks if she’s the one that called in earlier about the power cord and she says enthusiastically “Yes!”  He has someone go and get the power cord while he works with the first woman and while her order is going through walks back to the young ladies computer.  He tips it a few times, looks it over, sets it down and looks at her.  “Uh, miss.  I can’t work on this computer.”  Hands in the air, backing away from the computer. 

Of course I want to know why the heck not, but behaving I try not to listen.  He says he’ll pull her aside and explain in private why, motioning her to walk to the other side of the counter.  I thought, “Well, that’s nice of him?  Maybe she’s got bugs in there or something?” 

She walks back, not angry at all, picks up her computer and walks out.  He walks back to the counter and proceeds to wipe the marijuana off the counter, where her computer had been sitting, onto a piece of paper and put it into the trash.  OMG’sh I was trying so hard not to laugh!

So, it pays (in entertainment value) not to get angry, that he helped her, instead of me first.  I would have missed the whole thing.  Sometimes, patience is a wonderful thing!


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