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All this time? December 10, 2010

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What am I going to do with all this time?  The boys finished they’re schoolwork with the speed of children knowing a break is coming up, funny how that works!  Now, with all this spare time, I might have to do housework, cook or something distasteful like that.  I have sewing patterns cut out and calling to be sewn together.  I have knitting patterns with yarn to match, sitting in a bag, calling my name.  I have a Christmas gift, waiting to be finished and mailed.  But I also have a large pile of laundry, sprawling across my bathroom floor and three baskets of clean clothes that the hubby is crossing his fingers that they will be folded when he get’s home; after all, they’ve only been there for about two weeks now, why would I want to hurry?

I could pull out more schoolwork for the boys to do, to avoid all of these things – in the name of “education”, thus making no one happy.  But, that’s just no fun!  I think I’ll compromise and do some laundry, while working on the Christmas gift.  We have “mandatory fun” tonight, so we can mail it on the way there. 

As my first-born used to say “Sounds like a plant, Stand!”

Now, what can I do to get out of cooking?