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Perfect day December 11, 2010

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I am aware, that it’s hard to have a bad Saturday, or Sunday, if that is your chosen day of rest.   A day off for most.  No school, no work, nothing required of you.  If you make plans it’s a matter of choice usually.  So, what’s the optimum way to spend all that great free time?  Sleeping, gardening, sewing, watching t.v./cartoons, playing video games?  What makes a perfect day off?

My morning started off with a nice late sleep in.  Ok, maybe not late for my definition, but I woke up on my own.  The bed felt so good, I just wanted to enjoy it a bit longer.  The “sweet spot” as we call it in our family.  Where every spot is the right spot.  The boys and I planned on our usual outing to the Farmers Market, this being our last, we especially wanted to make it, in spite of the misting rain.  The hubby even decided to join us today, *YAY*, but with the wet ground, we opted to leave the fur-baby’s home, much to their disappointment.  The first-born also stayed home, but only because he was still asleep.

We always enjoy the Farmers Market.  We buy all our usual things, we don’t vary much, but this week they had a raffle for baskets from each table.  It seems silly, waiting out in the cold for an hour to win such small things, but it was exciting for the boys and I for some reason.  Free food I suppose is always a good thing!  The tables all gave us extra tickets and there we shivered for an hour, waiting.  We won peanut brittle.  The excitement of picking out what the boys would bring home was great.  They all headed over to the table to find their prize.  Beaming, they came back with their find.  And again, there we shivered, holding our warm apple grog, waiting to see if we won more, the hubby and I snuggling to stay warm.  Nope, we didn’t, but it was fun while we waited.  We said our good-bye’s and said we’d see them all again in Spring.

After that, some coffee and a doughnut with the hubby.  And off to home, where I surfed for a bit, listening to the boys down their boiled peanuts and enjoy their peanut brittle.

The sound of them doing dishes and being such goof-balls was hysterical.  “Transformers” was the theme of today’s dish session.  What ever get’s them through being the dishwasher, until the actual dishwasher is repaired, is excellent and the entertainment value for me is an added plus.

NAP TIME!  I seriously think today, I had the best nap I’ve ever had!  I slept the whole time, wasn’t cold, and the boys didn’t interrupt once; well, except when one of them didn’t see me under the camouflage snuggie and jumped on me, but I barely noticed and didn’t fully wake up – now that’s a good sleep!

Off to Wallyworld, never smart on a Saturday, but the second-born needed cookies in lue of his brothers peanut brittle.  And a surprise of fast food for the family to top this great day off; dollar menu of course!

A few board games with the boys and a movie to end their day.  Some sewing once the boys head to bed, so I don’t interrupt their movie with all my noise.  No rush, I want to enjoy this pattern and the time I take on it.  I don’t get that opportunity very often.

I couldn’t imagine a better a better Saturday.  Well, I take that back.  A nice Saturday evening church service would make it perfect, but since I don’t know where the church is yet, I’ll settle for our wonderful day we got to enjoy.

I needed a great day like this.  The wonderful grey clouds, the misting rain, the family, nothing real to do and a good rest.  So what makes your perfect day off?


Any thoughts?

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