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Long week December 12, 2010

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It’s only Sunday and the upcoming week is looking full.  Knowing that, I’m trying to relish my last night of calm.  A lot of sewing, a few side projects and getting up the nerve to evict squatters during Christmas.  I’m trying not to think of the latter.

I’ve finally got the sewing machine humming again – boy does it feel good.  I’ve got the top nearly done.  I suppose, if I really wanted to push myself, I could have it finished tonight.  But I want to enjoy the process, I can feel the stress leaving my shoulders as I stitch, of course, it’s not on a schedule, so that helps!  Besides, I have some side projects I need to work on. 

After a wonderful morning of waking up when I felt like it, reading in bed until 12 – a short chore day ensued and then a long shopping trip to Wallyworld, that included losing the hubby somewhere between the fabric section and the dog food.  I was able to sit down and start, in spite of standing in front of video games and having my chair moved every time someone came through the room.

After watching a classic Christmas movie with the boys, their first time actually watching one, I got to get a little more into my sewing.  But, I let them stay up late to finish the movie, it was just so nice to sit with them and enjoy it.  They seemed to actually like it and learned some new things about history.  I always have to keep Google up and running when we watch these sort of things, as a million question follow and I’m not an encyclopedia.  As much as I miss them being little; them growing up is starting to have its advantages.  I love the classics, and now, hopefully they will too.

Well, off to finish off my side projects and hopefully get SOME sleep before the craziness starts.


Any thoughts?

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