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Waiting….. December 14, 2010

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We’ve all been there, I know we have.  You hear the tell-tale, clunk-whir and maybe even a boing, of the offending, now broken and or dysfunctional appliance.  This can either send an “Oh-no”, down your spine as you envision the bill for the repairman coming out and the offending piece to be repaired, or an “Oh darn, we need to call the repairman”, if you have a warranty.  Either way, majority of us are going to have to call someone to fix it.

And here in lies the waiting…….

“Your technician will arrive somewhere between 10am and 2pm”.  WHAT!  So you wait, and wait, and wait, racking up items that need to be done outside the home, while you bide your time doing other things.  Pay bills, cleaning the dogs water bowl, sew an entire outfit, evict squatters.  Avoiding showers and bathroom trips, because you KNOW that’s when they’re going to show up. 

When 3:45 rolls around they show up, your just so over-joyed that the waiting has now ended, you don’t bark at them for not calling.  Besides, they’re fixing the appliance that you so dearly need!  You put the dog in the bedroom, strap the kiddos down, show them the panel box, and sit and wait again.  Teehee – you’re finally getting said appliance back!

10 minutes and six stinky towels after they show, they call to you “Ma’am, I’m done!” 

They leave after all the necessary paperwork is done, filled out, filled away.  And you think to yourself, “I waited nearly 6 hours, for a 10 minute repair job?”


*boing*  What was that?


Any thoughts?

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