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The little things… December 16, 2010

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Anyone who knows me, knows I’m simple-minded.  Not a bad thing really; I’m easily entertained, don’t take much to keep happy (well, the hubby might disagree on that one), and attempt to keep things simple – I said ATTEMPT.

I can be deep when needed, really.  I understand the news, the world around me; being simple-minded doesn’t mean you’re a dunce; you just like the little stuff.

Case-in-point, today I had to pick something up on base and as usual the hubby’s sticker get’s a little salute *giggle*.  Gives me butterflies – simple, yes, but I love it.  And really, why would I want more to entertain me?  It’s free, fun, simple and if we move on base, something I could get almost everyday – BONUS!

There are other little things that make me giggle; lizards, ducks funny walks, the boys spinning until they fall, the hubby’s grin when I make him laugh.  All free and simple.

Right now I’m making crocheted hair bun covers for a friend of mine’s little girl, for ballet.  As of yesterday morning, I knew the basics of crocheting, and now that I’ve been working on these little “guys” I’ve gotten quite the crash course.  When I send them to her, I’m to address the package as “From: Mrs. Clause”  Again, one of those simple things that make me giggle.  I’m having so much fun making them just because of the idea that I would love to see her face when she see’s a package just for her from “Mrs. Clause”.  Too much fun!

Simple, is not always boring.


Any thoughts?

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