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Christmas…. specials December 18, 2010

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We’ve all watched them.  I can, probably very safely say, anyone reading this has watched them since they were children.  And part of your tradition, as is ours, is to watch certain ones.  With a few being added, on occasion as your children are starting to get older (or you, but I didn’t say that).

Charlie Brown’s Christmas special I’m sure is on most people’s lists.  Whether or not you have the same beliefs in Christmas or not, you’ve probably watched it since you could crawl and so, making it your own tradition.  Now, as we’re all having our own children and some of them are getting to an age of having preferences, it’s amazing how they choose these same movies also.  Even or in spite of, the lack of technology used to produce it.

Today my boys sat and watched the entire show for the first time.  HULU is a great thing!  They really enjoyed it, much to my pleasure, although, I must admit, Charlie Brown has never been my favorite cartoon, this special has always been one of my favorites.  Maybe because it was one of the last ones that you could actually talk about Christ, or its simplicity, or that it was one of the good, old cartoons that the “kids” actually acted like kids.  Whatever the reason, it felt good to watch.

I have many favorites, most of them the old black and whites (that may or may not have been colorized).  I’m noticing the boys starting to enjoy those more too.  I love watching these movies, with them.  And I hope, someday, they will sit down and watch those same movies with their kiddo’s; whether for tradition, because they love the movie or just because it’s on. 

It’s just one of those moments that let you KNOW it’s Christmastime.

Now that the hubby has lovingly, satiated me with my favorite mashed potato’s, oh, and some chicken too, tonight, we’re going to sit down and watch a few more of our favorites, while I work on my outfit; having sent the hair bun covers off to their new, little owner and letting my “crochet” finger rest.  We’ve added a few new ones, that we’ll watch too, now that we’ve got the “oldies” out-of-the-way.


Any thoughts?

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