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Hhmmm… December 22, 2010

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I’m having a hard time, finding something to write about.  Not because there is a lack of something, but more so, that there is just so much swirling around, grabbing my attention, sucking the life out of me or entertaining me.

Should I vent about our squatters, stinking up our house with smoke?  Or about watching the classics with my boys?  My new love affair with Vera-ellen, from White Christmas?  Or about the nice warm days we’re having here and watching the rest of the country get the snow we want?

Hmmm – none of which are very exciting or, need to be talked about.  But yet, I feel the need to talk.  It’s just one of those weeks, that a night out with the girls would be a must, so you could get it all off your chest in one fell-swoop.  I guess I’ll be txting my fingers off tomorrow night for Knit Night.

I will say, tomorrow, I will finally be able to post pics of the fourth-borns bed, finished and completed – FINALLY!  Between, wanting to make a point to him about jumping on his bed, and the weather not cooperating, it’s been a while since I could get it done.  But all that I need to do now is put the side board on – hopefully it will fit!

I’m also excited to say, the hubby is letting me make OUR bed, once we get to the next base.  And no, I don’t mean putting the sheets on.  I get to cut, and nail, and drill.  That should keep me out of trouble…. for a little while.  So for now, I’ll be picking out the plans for it.

Just a few of the thousand and one things, floating through my head this week.


2 Responses to “Hhmmm…”

  1. Slamdunk Says:

    Sounds fun with making the bed–I am sure you’ll do well with it.

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