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Bad mom December 23, 2010

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I’m a bad mom, I know.  For some reason, and yet, somehow, I can live with this fact.  This stems from many facts, but the most recent being that I really don’t enjoy baking with my boys.  I never have; I know I should; I don’t.  I love decorating with them, crafts, walks, hikes, fishing, trips to the park that sort of thing.  I’ll play board games and watch their goofy movies, but baking with them just drives me batty.  Why?  I don’t know?  I’m hoping to grow out of this before I have grandkids!

I am excited for the fact that the second-borns cookies turned out so well, I think this is the first year they’ve actually looked like real cookies and tasted good.  Plus, he had a blast.  So I’m glad I didn’t bow out and sucked it up.

In my attempt to redeem myself, I played several board games after we baked while watching the boys’ favorite Christmas movies.  I think it worked?  Today we’ll be decorating the cookies and I will enjoy that part, and the boys know it.  Although, if they ask me one more time to get the frosting ready I’m going to duct tape them to the grass outside!

Tomorrow will be spent making baby Jesus’ birthday cake, angel food of course.  And watching the two new Christmas movies I’m surprising the boys with early.  I’d love to get to church, but as for now, I don’t know any schedules.  I really loathe not going to church for Christmas, but it’s better than going to some random one and finding out they throw the bible across the church, don’t let you leave, or sacrifice small animals for their festivities.  We’ll be listening to our pastor from home, either from last year or see if they have a live one.  That’s what we’ve done in the past, and I guess we’ll be doing again.

I purposely waited until tomorrow to put the fourth-borns bed back together.  “It’s a Christmas gift!”  I know, it’s mean, but he’ll like it!

I started on a hat last night, with the left over yarn from my “ornamental” stockings.  I love the yarn, so it should be a nice hat.  And while I was working on that, I was painting my zipper pull to match my outfit.  I couldn’t find a zipper to match exactly, but it’s an invisible zipper, so I only need the pull to match.  So using Soldier Boy, grey/green, I made the zipper pull match.

The hubby worked a half day, and then the rest of the day is just for sitting around.  I think we all needed that!